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It seems like everywhere I look I see tabloids talking about how celebs have slimmed down. Find out Kim Kardashian's secrets to losing weight. Headlines like this seem to fill the magazine racks. Do you think celebs are too obsessed with being thin?

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I definitely think that celebs are obsessed with losing weight and being thinner and prettier, and more fabulous. We're constantly bombarded everyday with the news weight loss secret and how we can make ourselves thinner. It puts so much pressure on a young girl, or even an adult to want to look like that. We should be happy with who we are. There's nothing wrong with trying to be healthier, and fitter. But trying to reach these unrealistic goals of trying looking like a super model can just lower self esteem.
I think all of those girls are fake and our society's definition of beauty sucks! That's all I am going to say because I am getting angry. goodbye
Most definitely celebs are obsessed with being thin, it is understandable that they are concerned about their weight because they do find themselves in the public eye, but I do think that they influence girls especially young girls to want to loose weight and this causes their self-esteem to somehow decrease.
I think the scariest part about celebrities and their "thinness" is that the camera adds 10 pounds and so they are actually a lot more underweight that we realize. As a woman, i'm still affected by the constant messages from shows like Entertainment Tonight that obsess about who gained weight - who lost it because they leave out the most important part - the struggle to do so. As busy young women - going to school, working, taking care of our little sisters and brothers - time to workout is a luxury and a commitment. And, the shows don't mention the months of sweat it takes to work off love handles. IT TAKES MONTHS GIRLS - whether you are 12 or 60 years old. And, that is the healthy way to do it. What we don't see in celebrity's obsession with thinness are the short cuts they take like plastic surgery or the time they invest not spending with their kids. I think I'd like to see the process more than hear about the miraculous weight loss. That kind of reality would be healthy tv viewing and I wouldn't feel like I always fall short in the amount of exercise I actually do! Getting healthy is not a quick fix of diet pills Hollywood!
Celebs: YES.
but society is slowly progressing in their way of making us as individuals obsessed with it as well.
We now look in the mirrors and see our inperfections rather than the positive.

I have gained weight lately,
but im losing it the right way.
Excersice, eating healthy.

I hope every latinita does the same. :)
Yes, I think they are. The sad part it that it trickles down the economic ladder and we have real examples of real people who follow celebrities' examples. Some of my friends, who are extremely well off, have friends who give body image great importance. I think even their parents are constantly going to the gym and watching what they eat. I've seen a lot of my friends' friends and they're super thin. They're parents are also sometimes in the public eye and feel a lot more pressure to be in shape. On top of that, they have the means to pay for treatments and nutritionists who will help them not only stay in "Hollywood" shape. I know my friends feel the need to be thin especially since the entire society that surrounds them gives being skinny such a big priority. Unlike them. the majority of people aren't always on TV or in the newspaper and we don't have to money to pay for a nutritionist or a personal trainer. It's so much harder for us to easily reach the "ideal skinniness." Consequently, we have to work twice as hard and we're affected even more by the constant pressure of having to be skinny. Fortunately, as a society, we're working hard to change that flawed mentality.

Yes totally! It sets an unfair standard for a lot of girls. But at the same time, this doesn't mean we shouldn't shame girls for being naturally thin. 

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