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Blog Contest: I LOVE SCHOOL! ¡Me Encanta La Escuela!

Why Should We Love School? 

Unfortunately there are many kids who drop out of school. When people drop out of school this makes it very hard for them to go to college and to get a job

Our mission is to send a message to kids everywhere about the importance of staying in school and loving it! 

Please add your blog to this discussion forum. Tell us why you love school and what advice you have for other students. The best blog will receive a surprise gift card awarded at the end of March!

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Yuliya Hrybachova said:

Why so many teens nowadays decide to quit school? What does it say about these people and about society in general? What future can drop-outs have in the country that needs intelligent residents, in the 21st century - the age of new technologies and new solutions? The answer is not very optimistic: McDonald's, yardman, cleaning toilets. Is it what you dream of?

When thinking about school, one should concentrate on positive things. Of course, it's not perfect and you need to work in order to achieve at least something. But who said that life is easy? Personally I believe that if you're not a child of Donald Trump or some Persian monarch, you must get good education. Once you've completed school, a world of big opportunities is opened for you. You can choose a job that will be bringing you joy and satisfaction every given day. You can get high-paid job, make lots of money, travel all over the world, buy things that you want. It all starts with the school.

School also is a great place to meet new people, learn how to be a member of society, how to deal with difficult situations and different people, how to get your work done. Essential thing in our lives. Personally I know at least five couples that met each other in school and now having kids after living together for many years. It's a place where people usually find their best friend, often for whole life. Here I met girls that became even something more than best friends for me. Soul mates, sisters, guardian angels. So close, so intimate!  And I know that there's nothing in this world that can break our friendship. Nor distances neither time. It all started with the school.

In school I met teachers that enriched my life so much that it's even impossible to describe. By sharing their experiences,  telling about their expectations, believing in me with all their hearts, they made me what I am right now.

Thanks to one of my teachers I found the thing that I'm going to do in this life. She made me passionate about it, she gave me  knowledge, she gave me skills.

No matter who are you, who are your parents, what are your skin color or your ethnicity, you should understand one thing:  LIFE IS WHAT YOU MAKE IT! So choose right things and remember that they all start with the school!


Penelopy Dalphibn said:
I love school because I get to learn many things that I don't know. If I go to a new school I can always make new best friends.I can look forward to school because I see my friends and I study at my favorite classes. I also feel that school is a priority, but a fun priority. You need to go but even if you have a class that you don't like you always learn things that can be used in your life. My school is awesome in many ways. You have teachers who are always happy to help you and teachers that encourage you and care for you.Teachers and staff always want you to be a great leader. I feel that school is very accepting because they always seem to know what you want. Teachers have tutoring whenever you need them. I feel that school is important because you always seem to need the studies that you learned and you have already been taught. I feel that school is part of my life and of course it is but not just because I go to it but because you always have that feeling that you want to go again. Don't you ever feel in the Summer that you want school to start again? My advice for people who want to drop out is don't drop out! What you will get if you drop out is that you won't get a good job when your older well you say I don't care but you won't get the house you want or the salary you want. My advice for people who have already dropped out is go to school again! You say it's too late but it's never too late to go to school. Many people who have dropped out of school are already in their 20's or 30's and they go back to school. They come back fresh with information and they go to a job they actually enjoy and don't get tired of. They get the salary that they want, and have a house they never been able to afford because of not getting a good job and it all goes back to dropping out of school. See how much damage dropping out of school can do to your life and how much you can improve on it? Loving school is a big thing. Even if you don't like school after you finish college, you won't regret that you went to school. Don't drop out after all the hard work and all the thought you gave to your homework and work in class. Why throw away all you did just because you don't like school? Does it really make sense to drop out after you spend many years in school? That is my advice to you and how I love school so much and how you can love it too! -RICHARDS
For me it has always been that I love learning! I hope that throughout my entire life I never stop learning new things. I am the type of person who gets glued to the Hostory Channel and reads a lot. One of my favorite classes through High School was AP U.S. History and not because I love history, which I kinda do its second to english, but because my teacher Mrs. Rush was so incredibly knowledgeable. I would suggest to anyone to take AP or Dual Credit courses during high school because yes it may be a little more work but the teachers do care so much more. They want you to learn and their enthusiam makes you want to keep them proud and learn so much more. Mrs. Rush had a story almost everytime we got into a discussion about how history fits with nowadays or a random fact about the tents in the battle of Lexington and Concord. There are two main reasons I love school: my teachers, who constantly push us to be better and that I never want to stop learning.

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