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I'm a Journalism student at UT, and I am working on an article about the Census. While I've been working on it, it has really made me think about the Census question asking participants to choose their race. Hispanic is not considered a race and "Hispanics" are suggested to choose White as their race.

I consider myself Latina but not White. Your thoughts?

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I think it is just the fear white people have that LATINOS are taking over the US! I would never consider myself white, I am 100% proud slightly Americanized Mexicana. I really don't understand why Hispanic wouldn't be on the form, I think my form had hispanic.
Well I hate to be the one that will be negative to this discussion, but I took a course two semesters ago and this issue came up too. Doing reasearch on ethnicity and race they are two different things. Race deals with physical characteristics of the person and ethinicity will have to do with our heritage background. Since there are three main race categories that are considered in the U.S (white, black and yellow)., I would prefer to be called "white" because since most Hispanics/Latinos do have European blood they were considered to be white because the color of their skin. I would not want to be called brown because to me that is even more offensive than being called white. As far as the term is an ethnic group not a physical characteristics.
I know this is a super late reply but I agree with Claudia that race is different from ethicity. Hispanic is also a term that decribes a group of Spanish speakers. It's the reason why it includes Latin Americans as well as Spaniards. Latin Americans are considered to be either of the white or black race.

Race: Mestiza

Ethnicity: Latina

Nationality: American

That's how I identify, but I agree it's all just so complicated. 

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