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College. It's not too early to start thinking muchachas!

Well college is a funny thing. You think you can just get a simple job with just a G.E.D. , and it's true, but it won't help young Latinas like us show what we are truly capable of. College might be expensive but if we choose the right plan for ourselves in our studies, it might even be free plus a little extra for you. There are so many scholarships available for us Hispanics because most people don't take advantage of them. Do good in school and the results will prove success. Those scholarships are up for grabs so go and take risks. Make yourself stand out and put your all and effort into what's mostly important. College ! So get to it ! It all starts freshman year. Prepare yourself and have fun with it. (:

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Good entry Celeste. Scholarships are so important and helpful for college. Finanical aid helps too if you qualify. My advice for Latinas and every college student in general is to take scholarships and grants instead of loans. With scholarships and grants, you don't have to pay back the money you get, and if there is any left over, you get it keep it!

That is awesome that you are getting a head start. That is an awesome way to get into the college of your choice. Wish I had started this early.

College is a lot of work...but fun! I have already completed my B.A and I am in the process of finishing up with the MA. I am glad that you are thinking about this early. You are off to a good start if you are already looking for information. I suggest you do your best in high school, do extracurricular activities and study hard. Also...don't forget to have a social life! College can be a great opportunity and like you mentioned, it will open up the doors for better jobs. We latinitas have to work harder and prove how valuable we are. Great post and good luck with your future college career! 

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