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Hi Latinitas!

I'm writing an article about bedrooms and college dorm rooms and would really love to hear about yours — how you have decorated your room, what your room means to you, how you have used your room as a means of self-expression, and how you have transformed your room into something more than simply a place to sleep. Post a comment and tell us all about your unique bedrooms and dorm rooms.

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hey this is interesting well lets see... I love green and blue so my bedroom when u walk in is fresh and lighted with all types of greens n blues. All around are drawings that represent my feelings or just for fun; those r the ones in my photos. a collage of all the things i want in life is on my wall sort of like a vision board, because i believe when we think and want something so bad and be positive we will eventually get it. The Smallville superheros especially Tom Welling can not be left out because waking up to such an image makes me feel powerful and capable of anything. The carpet that not only matches my light blue comforter is full of vibrant striped colors ( got it at walmart for 15 jajaj ) that makes me feel like im walking on clouds. Also there's nothing better than having music to make things more energetic at anytime of the day and just a button away from sparking up my mornings.I love waking up to U2 beautiful day and Lily Allen The fear. My room is a relaxing get away sometimes where my imagination flows and becomes reality through my drawings and creations.
Hi Latinitas!

Maria here. I came across a neat site for stickers and other low cost decorating items! I'm not a great artist so I rely on the stuff I throw together to look good (as opposed to you creative people who make your stuff from scratch). I envy you!

So, I look for cool things that are cheap! And stickers are one of them! I am a huge Hello Kitty fan. Here is a site I found for them but they have all kinds of other stickers as well. Check it out!

Hello kitty accessories

Luv ya all!
So, I do not live in a dorm but I am a college student. Ii have transformed my room into a pink paradise. I felt that I needed to give my room a facelift since entering college and so I painted my entire room hot pink. My contrasting color is black and I have glitter and other girly things in there. I think that when creating your own space you should put whatever makes you feel relaxed and homely. When you incorporate all of the things you like and enjoy using, you develop your own style. Your style is unique to you, and thats why I feel its important to just do you.

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