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Tomorrow I will be giving a presentation about dieting and why it should stop and I thought I should share with all of yall this information that may be helpful. Well, There are aproximatley 50 million Americans that go on a diet each year but only 5% manages to keep the weight off. My mom is overweight and she has had a long history of diets that have not worked. Due to the influence of my mom my idea of dieting is one that means food restriction. This misconception has caused me to have mental issues that have led me to be on the verge of anorexia.

Dieting in the form of food restriction is harmful to our physical and mental health therefore we must stop this practice and encourage our friends and family to stop dieting. Dieting can not only cause increases in weight but it also causes increases in stress and our risk of disseases.

Dieting to control weight gain is ineffective. A study published by the American Academy of Pediatrics Journal followed boys and girls ages 9-14 on a two year period. By the end of the period those kids who dieted gained more weight than kids who did not diet.But why do people gain weight instead of loosing? You may ask. This is prehaps due to the fact that dieting increases stress levels.

Another study done by the University of California in San Fransisco and also the University of Minessota put 121 women on a 3-week diet of 1,200 calories and by the end of the study the women had significantly high levels of cortisol.Cortisol is the number one stress hormone. Due to the increase in stress our insulin resistance increases insulin is the hormone that controls our sugar levels in our blood. Not only does stress increase but also our risk of diseases.

A study done at UK by Natasha Lewisham Conselor and Counsellor Associates showed that there is a strong link between dieting on a regular basis and developing and eating disorder. People who diet have the same sympthoms as people with eating disorders.Because dieting is so popular often eating disorders go unnoticed.

Not only can eating disorders increase but it has also been proven that dieting can cause heart diseases. When we are on diets our heart recieves lots of stress. There are some diets that consist of consuming foods with high amounts of carbohydrates which can actually be bad to your heart.

I have just provided everyone a bit of information on why you should stop dieting. The thing is that obesity is still an issue but what we must do is make adjustments in our lives rather than limit ourselves. We must learn how to make healthier choices and develop a healthy excercise program. More than anything lets stop thinking negativley about our bodies and be proactive not by puting tape on our mouths but by having mindful eating habits.

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My first comment to you is to be careful when interpreting information from journal articles.  Methodology and statistical analysis can become complex very quickly, and many times, authors will interpret and describe results in a biased manner to convey their beliefs.  I have had two classes dedicated to interpreting journal articles, and they are STILL difficult for me to interpret. 

However, I COMPLETELY agree that extreme dieting is harmful to the body.  Starvation and calorie restriction will DEFINITELY physically and mentally stress out a person to the point where serious damage can be caused. 

Keep in mind though, that there are professionals, Dietitians, who have dedicated their careers to helping people adjust their diets to fit their body's needs. With correct diet, exercise, and a healthy lifestyle, it is possible for people to achieve a healthy weight.  

Simply put, dieting does not have to equal starvation.  "Fad" diets are bad, but diets which help people learn what to eat everyday in the right portion are good. 

I think you're totally right about the negative thinking though.  Having a healthy image of yourself can really help you achieve all your goals. 

Thank you for your advice.. this was actually a persuasive speech I gave in a class and had to find articles that supported my argument. Any text can be interpreted a different way but since in this case it was persuasive so the idea was to make the audience interpret the information the way that I wanted them to. That is the beauty of persuading. Its like when you watch a commercial for a certain drug they will tell you all the benefits but not the side effects. 

I have been visiting many professionals and you are correct. My argument was that dieting in the form of food restriction must be stopped and I made sure to emphasize that in my conclusion of my speech.. 

Thank you for your comment. 

I agree that extreme dieting is harmful. I mean, it's obvious, but sadly, A LOT of women don't realize this. 

I hate dieting and I hate having to limit what I eat, it's just so depressing to me. 

I have tons of friends that believe that dieting means starving themselves and whenever I try to reason with them, they get extremely mad at me.

I have only been on one diet my entire life . Well, it's wasn't really a diet, it was more like fasting. I was in seventh grade and  I used to live in Abu-Dhabi, UAE. It was during Ramadan and most of my friends were fasting in school. I was a chubby girl, so I decided to give up all sorts of sodas drinks. And it payed off. I lost a lot of weight. 

Thank you for writing this. This is a topic that I believe should get more attention since I see a lot of people going on the outrageous fad diets and then later I hear them complaining about how the just gained all the weight back and then some.

Personally those fad diets scare me, as do the dieting pills. I mean they can be helpful, but losing weight really quickly cannot be healthy for anyone. I believe that healthy eating and exercising are the best way to stay healthy.

Again, thank you for writing this article, I really enjoyed it.

you can't see the effects immediately, and I don't think diet is a good solution for body, my honest suggestion is practicing more, Cultivate your own interests, like bicycle , climbing or running, whatever find what's sports you love, and keep it.

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