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Even if im feeling down i have friends who are helping me but im also tired of every thing around me the problems, chaos, bad words, and other things. Im tired of being stared at like im a 12 yr. old just because i look like one. Im tired being invisible and people ignoring my existence. I haven't done anything wrong. All im doing is trying to survive and making sure i dnt get hurt....but dying slowly.......I don't have my family to help me get into college.....instead they think i won't succeed i knw its not true but i cant have suppourt. I have friends and I have true friends. Friends are people you can talk to and have a blast. True friends are people who will stick with you even you hurted or are being rude. Even if your true hangs out with the enemy, they will still talk to you even if the enemy is with them. A true friend is a person who will hold your soul like if it was something delicate. A true friend is a someone who woudnt look at you bad just because you made a mistake, instead they will help you up and help you walk your road to success. A true friend would apologize one to other for hurting their feelings or for getting into a stupid fight and admit that it was a mistake. A true friend will let you talk and explain what happened. I have friends and I have true friends. I found out because at school, my friends ignore me when they are with someone, and that someone hates my guts. When i pass by my friends pretend they hate me, but i only have at least three true friends who at least they say hi and invite me to be with them. I may have many friends, but only like 15 true friends.

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Marlett!! Don't let those mean girl's negligence bring you down! It is better to have a few TRUE FRIENDS that you can talk to through thick and thin than to have a bunch of friends whom you could never count on. Plus, its better to cherish only a few individuals because it means you have so much more love to give them, this is what makes people who enter your life distinguishable from those who are just passing by. I have a few true friends and they also talk to my enemy. It's hard to see they hang out with her, work with her, etc. But when times like that happen I choose to keep to myself and do things by myself and I have fun!! :) don't worry about what anyone says to bring you down or if they don't believe in you as long as you believe in yourself because in the end, no one is going to help you through your classes in college except for your hard work and dedication to whatever future you decide to create FOR YOURSELF! Choose what makes you happy, ignore the things that don't because they don't even understand you were chosen to perform the things you love and no one can compare to your contribution in the world!! :)

You really have to Pay Attention to all that just to see where people are at.If they ignore you there not your friend,if they are really your true friend they'll stick with you through yalls think and thins up and downs argues and fights they'll try to turn it all around just to make you happy!!

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