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Hola, Latinitas!
I would like to ask all you out there to do some sharing:)
I am very interested in finding out what our Latinitas community thinks about Interracial Dating. In other words, how do we feel about a Latina going on a date to the movies with a blue-eyed Caucasian, or maybe a bronzy Hawaiian?
There are no right or wrong answers, only personal opinions and feelings. So don't be afraid to share your thoughts on this Hot Topic!


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I am looking for teenage latinas that would like to be interviewed on Interracial dating. Anyone interested?

Hey Rosemarie! This is a great topic. Personally I don't thing there is anything wrong with interracial dating. It's all in the girl's choice. If her judgment is correct, and she feels comfortable with the guy nothing should impede her from following her heart. I dated an African American guy, it caused quite a controversy in my family, but little by little they realized I had found someone I really liked. Diversity should be appreciated for how beautiful it is.
Its crazy, I just got on to Latinitas and saw this. I just got dumped by the father of my daughter because his mommy didnt like me. He's black and I'm not. His mother was always giving him a hard time about it even though we have a child together. The sad part is we love each other, we were a good team. I will never date another black person. =(
Nothing is wrong with Interracial dating. You should pick your guy based on the things you have a in common and the chemistry you find between the two, not based on his race. I once dated a blue-eyed caucasian, it was nice but didn't work out very well. Not cuz he was caucasian and i am latina but because it just didn't work out. The best part was we didn't pay any attention to the fact that our racial backgrounds were diffrent. I am a supporter of Interacial dating.
Ethnicity should definitely not be a boundary of love. We are all one race and that is The Human Race. I am a 22 year old Hispanic woman and am married to an English man of light brown hair and green eyes. Being with someone of another race can be a great thing because we get to show of our culture as well as learn about another one. My husband loves the Hispanic culture, he finds it very interesting as does his family. Being with my husband who is English has given me a greater love and appreciation of my culture. I have gotten to see just how special I am. Most importantly being with a person of another culture has made me realize one important fact,... we are all more alike that we are different.
This is a very interesting topic! I think most people would say, "oh no I am not racist, I don't have a problem with interracial dating!" But then when they find out that a close friend or a relative is dating someone out of their race, attidudes may begin to change or perhaps rude remarks (even they are "just kidding") are said. I think this is so unfortunate because it should not matter what color your skin is or what culture you come from because we are all interesting in our own ways and if you are meant to share your life with that particular person then so be it.
There is a African-American author named Jacqueline Woodson who writes amazing realistic fiction novels on interracial dating/frienships for young adults. In her emotionally filled stories she clearly addresses a lot of issues dealing with this topic and she allows her readers to not only feel and understand the kinds of problems dealt with in interracial relationships but also touches on so many other teen problems such as, acceptance, loss, friendship, abuse, etc. I have only had the chance to read two of her novels and they are truely addicting from start to finish!
I actually have no problem with interracial dating. I have a very close friend who is a black male and often times we are mistaken for being boyfriend and girlfriend, we are not however i dont have any feelings about it. I dont m ind that they make those assumptions. I have no problems with mixed race couples, they make the cutes kids! lol I would date, even marry a black guy, my family however might have mixed feelings. Just because they are older and you know that whole Mexican perspective. Very good question though!!!!

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