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Hey ladies,


Name the three of your favorite things that Latinitas Magazine can offer you that other magazines don't. What brought you to Latinitas and what has made you stay?


My three favorite things are:


1. Accessible (forum being the key ingredient)

2. Empowering (for the Latinita youth)

3. Made just for me (because it is written and inspired by the everyday Latinita chica)


Latinitas Magazine was introduced to me by my mom. She recommended it to me when I was in the middle of creating my own magazine. I thought it would be a good opportunity to see what a real magazine does and to know what it takes. So I enrolled in the TRIPP program in Austin and fell in love with the magazine. It turned out to be the magazine I wanted to create. So it was like skipping a step. Now four years later, I cannot imagine myself without it because it is a big part of who I am and who I will be.


If you haven't given Latinitas the chance yet, open your mind, you will see how far Latinitas can really take you.

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My three favorite things about Latinitas Magazine are:


1. It is focused on improving the lives of Latina girls! Magazines are generally written by older adults who know little about the life of pre-teen & teenage girls. Latinitas focuses on have the young Latina voice heard and & that is amazing! 


2. It offers many opportunities for Latina youth to interact wether through, the Saturday Camps, fundraising events, etc.


3. It focuses on REAL life Latina issues. 



I was brought to Latinitas as I was in search of an internship that would both involved my love for writing as well as teaching. I am so glad that I am now part of the Latinitas team as I could not imagine life without this amazing experience. 

Anna - you are such our spokeswoman!  Let's plan to meet in SA in Sept.  Are you starting school this week? And, what's this about living in a hotel. Interesting.  What's a good day for me to drive in?

Oh yeah, my 3 favorite things.


The unexpected creativity and inspiration I get to witness amongst Latinas ages 8-18


How much young Latinas want to express themselves, their culture, their dreams and help their families


The volunteerism that has made Latinitas thrive in Austin, El Paso and new frontiers such as New Mexico and College Station, Texas.

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