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Gosh im so frustrated with my life i dont know what to do anymore. I have so many stress that you wont even imagen. Well it all started this year (my senior year) Well i started this class that we have to look for a job so i thought it would be fun. The teacher told us we had 3 weeks to find a job n damm you know finding a job now in days is so hard because of the economy. Well i did go eek for a job but i never got called back or anything so i called back and they all said they werent hireing the thing is that up till this date afte 10 weeks i cant find a job so she sent us to do volenteer work at this place over here really for from my house about 8 miles away so since my mom always works she can never bring me and my older sister works so she cant bring me either besides since i dont have a job i dont get money to put gas so i cant afford coming all the way over here which sucks because i dont want to let my teacher down with the girl that accepted us to do volenteer work. So im never home and im always here doing my 15 hours a week. I get so frustreted because i have to be here and then I get in so many trouble with my mom and i dont like it ugh sometimes i feel like runing away and never coming back because its hard for me to act normal when really im a mess. i dont know what to do with my live anymore i just need advice

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Wow, just take it a step and situation at a time. When you feel that you cant handle anymore take a step back and really relax, sometimes all you need to do is put things into a different perspective and see things in a new light. Like with the job issue, trust me I went months without a job. I looked EVERYWHERE! Im not kidding and I was losing hope until finally I got a call back, and now I have a cool job. What I'm saying is that everyone has their extreme lows but just think that it will soon be filled with an extreme high! Just wait it out, things will get better!

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