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How many of you girls speak both languages? Why im i asking this? 

Well, many people at my school dont think i speak spanish because i speak it "too well". When i speak my spanish or write, many of my classmates stare at me and ask, "You speak spanish?!?!" i respond with a simple answer "Si, es mi primer lenguage". Sometimes i hate it how people intend to judge you by the way you speak, but of course i have done that moment not too long ago with one of my friends. I heard her speak  spanish for the first time. I was surprised when i heard her speak and i asked the same question everyone intends to ask. For her, she would hide it, she would avoid speaking spanish at all costs, so it kinda got me sad when she hushed me when i asked her. I ask myself everyday how i haven't forgotten my spanish at all since some teens my age say they used to talk spanish but they forget for speaking english so much. It goes the same for my cousins. Some say they have forgotten how to read and write in spanish. Some forget some words and speak in english. I forget the words in both languages, but because it's hard to switch a language to another language, es como cambiandote tus propias lenguas. To me, im proud to be speaking spanish and to be able to write and, read it. Como una latina, estas orgullosa que puedas hablar, leer, y escribir el espanol? Porque yo si estoy muy orgullosa por saber dos idiomas.

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I have the opposite problem. Spanish is my second language and I am more embarrassed that my accent isn't as strong, so I don't speak it as often. From my personal experience, I would advise embracing both languages. It gives you the opportunity to communicate with more people and it helps you stay fluent in both languages. My cousins and a lot of my friends prefer speaking in Spanish, so it can be intimidating when everyone is speaking one language and I have to force my self to speak it as well, but it is always a good way to practice. I'm proud I can speak both languages and I'm glad you are, too. I hope this helped! :) 


Its the opposite for me. My first language is English, and Spanish I learned much later. I was born and raised in Virginia, so my parents never really forced me to learn Spanish because no one there really spoke it. Now that I live here in El Paso, I have a hard time. I try my best when speaking Spanish, but my accent is poor. However, it dosen't stop me. I will always put the effort because that is the most important thing, and is an important aspect in communication.So my advice to girls with this same problem is to try to learn both, because you have nothing to lose!

i speak both languages everyday, its hard to juggle them both though, I speak english at my dads, and spanish at my moms, i have to admit that i read/speak/write more english since of school. Took a AP Spanish test with no schooling of spanish (Only in middle school) and still got a 4 on it. In school its shocking to others than im able to speak spanish (probably cause of how light skin i am) but also because if you speak to me in english then i respond back in english and same goes with spanish. Proud to be able to speak other languages and plan to learn more actually, so expand your horizons! haha :)

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