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What is your top beauty secret? Que es tu favorito secreto de belleza?

Tell us your beauty secrets.

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TO be healthy and to think good about yourself
Confidence always makes a girl sexy one of my secrets, always being true and natrual to yourself, being happy and healthy.
Es mejor estar natural porque siempre luce mas y ser muy colorida, siempre traer diferentes colores.
El secreto no es mucho solamente es ser tu misma vestirte como tu quieras y no como los demas ter digan.
Just be happy...
I have several beauty secrets! Read all about them! 1) hair: always brush before washing, less tangles.
2) skin: always face make-up off before bed and use a cleansing toner daily! do not pop those zits! you will have scars! 3) shaving: cheap razors aren't worth it! i've had some pretty bad cuts! So I opt for the 3 pack for $6 at HEB.
4) arms: use lotion daily to help the skin stay soft and to avoid wild arm hair! rub the lotion the direction of the hair growth so it lays flat naturally!
5) make-up: less is more! I use concealer under my eyes and on blemishes. then cover face with a mineral based powder and some blush. bronzers are fun for the summer time! Simple black eye liner and mascara complete the look!
6) TOP SECRET: Eyelashes: Don't crease with an eyelash curler! Simply use it to gently press at the tips, middle, and base of lashes to create a natural curl. I use waterproof mascara everyday because it holds the curl better!
Well, I don't have any secrets, but I know some things people forget that help maintain health!

1. drink LOTS of water! it is sooo important for your body and keeps your skin fresh-looking
2. you should floss EVERYDAY! i know it's annoying, but it is necessary to maintain healthy gums
3. getting daily exercise - any kind is good for keeping up your heart rate and keeps your blood flowing - giving you more energy! Exercising also helps your hair grow.
4. For those who love your long hair, brushing your hair while it's wet breaks the strands and damages your hair. Wide-toothed combs are best.
5. Lastly, eating fried, unhealthy food clogs your arteries and drastically increases disease vulnerability. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables is great for your skin, hair, and health overall. These healthy foods also fuel your energy. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE McDonald's and it's okay to indulge in sweets and unhealthy food sometimes, but all the time is no good.
6. It is great to spend time outside and play in the sun! Go swimming, play sports, or just spend time reading outside! The fresh air is great for you and sun gives you Vitamin D which your body needs. It will also increase your appreciation for this beautiful world we live in.

Stay Happy and Healthy, Beautiful Latinitas!
I think a smile is the biggest beauty secret. I don't believe that it matters what you look like. A smile shows that you love yourself and others.
Stay healthy and take care of yourself.

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