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What should I call myself? White? Hispanic? Latina? Mexican? Spanish?

Hi everyone, We got this great question from one of our readers. Tell us what you think.....

"i don't know if this is the right place to ask this but i was wondering about something. My mother is white(german/irish) and my dad is mexican(spanish and something of native mexican) and I was wondering what I would be considered. I was not born in mexico."

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Great question .Your  father is from Mexico. Tu hablas espanol?.

I have a explanation of our roots in my blog Latina Con Estilo Elocente. I am from Venezuela, my husband is from Hawaii, but his grandparents was from Japan.My daugther born in US, she speak Spanish and English and her apparency is like Japanese. But she is a LATINA, because she identify herself  with a latino culture.

Latina con Estilo Elocuente

Be proud who you are LATINA!

In my opinion I think that you should be able to call yourself whatever you want. You should express yourself how you would like to and be able to explain to people that you are from different ethnic backgrounds. I think that you could call yourself everything that you have asked about you don't necessarily have to be from Mexico. I think this question is a great one because so many people today are very confused when it comes to their ethnic backgrounds and how they can place a "name" on it. Express your individuality and let people know about your ethnicity and call yourself what you want to be called. I am a blonde haired green eyed girl and I have this problem. Many people think that I am a "white girl" for me it's not a problem until I have explained to them that I am Hispanic, a Latina. It only bothers me after the fact that I have explained my ethnicity that they continue to call me white because it is something that I'm not. People are always going to judge us by what we "seem" to be and what ethnicity or even race they think we are but when asked about it let people know you're German, Irish, Spanish, and Native Mexican it's what makes you who you are. 
I am both Latina and African American and I have had to deal with the exact same question quite often in my life- especially when filing out forms for school I never know what box to check. I consider myself both Latina and African American I dont believe that I need to make a decision. Retaining culture and traditions is what I find important so if you learn spanish and german well then you are a better person for it because it makes you more cultural. Also it adds individualism which is never a bad thing being from many cultures is an advantage. So pretty much I dont see the need to call yourself one thing be proud to be German/ Irish and Spanish.
I think Ytzel and Alyssa are right. You shouldn't ask other people what you should consider yourself. You should ask yourself what you feel you are and tell other people who you are. Only you have the power to define your identity.

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