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Now that we have a new president, what would you like him to know? Obama ran on the promise of change. What change would you like to see happen? What issues are affecting young Latinas that you think he should know about? Tell him what Latinitas want. Speak up here or you can even email him directly.

You can also contact the White House at:

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I would like Obama to know that the woman has to be treayed equal. i would like to see more people with a jod and a home in which they could live in and all. I now we have economic problems but that is what Obama is for he needs to take us got of this mess and resstore the peace. Peace is a word that is now a very powerful word and sadly people don't often use, anymore. latinitas want to walk to the white mans school without being discriminated. "Amen"
p.s. i also would like to see more people working at walgreen giving the med.s to the people that need them.
One thing I would tell Obama is to do something about protocting the enviroment because in his speech and issues he didn't mention anything about that. The enviroment is a big issue that is not being taking cared of or even being looked at. An other thing I would tell him is to make abortion illegal. Abortion is wrong, is killing. And at last i would tell him that the war in Iraq is also useless, like all wars. A lot of people get killed, for what? most people don't even remember why the war started in the first place. It is useless and a waste of money.
I would like Obama to know that he should do something about the environment, because he really didnt adhere or have plans to solve that major issue her in the U.S. I would also want him to know that in my opinion he is a great man and pervect match for being president of the U.S. He is in somewhat way a hero in my and I know many other eyes. I am looking forward to seeing him as president the following four years
That apartments should practice recyclying
As a young child I arrived in this country. My parents sought to give me a better future. There is nothing I am more thankful for than my family and their drive. If it wasn't for them I would not be who I am now. One of the things I most value in my life, is my education. If I had never come to the US, I would have never been able to develop myself as a strong Latina woman. Now at age fifteen, Im starting to realize just how much our world is affected by politics. If I could tell our new president something, I would urge him to pass the immigration reform bill. Thousands of immigrants are being deprived of their civil rights. I would love for our president to realize that as immigrants we sought to find a better future. It is up to us Latinitas to express this idea to the world. Our parents might be immigrants, and they might not have necessary documentation, but after all, we can prove that we are here for good. We are here because we want a bright future, and are working hard towards someday being able to give back to the country who provides us with so much.
I would tell him that education is important and that he should make it a priority in his administration. Did you know that people in Mexico and parts of Europe can go to college for free? I think he should focus on making public colleges more affordable and giving more financial aid. Drop out is a big problem for a lot of Latinas, so I think they should bring more attention to providing good high schools and making sure teens stay in school.
I agree with Lesly Valeria.

I'm "married" to a man who came to this country to help his family back home and to ensure a brighter futer for his son. I say "married" because we arent officially married because of all the red tape in that area, however, I voted Obama because of his promise of Amnesty and I haven't seen anything develop from said promise. I understand that there are more pressing matters at hand such as the war in Iraq and the economy but if he has the time to be fooling around with home entertainment and parties than I believe he has the time to address promises made. I would settle, even, for him making the path to residancy and citizenship easier.

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