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Hey Esme!

 Thanks for joining the group! So I just wanted to see what your approach will be for your blog.  If your like to get in touch with people who own venues like clubs or other places that there may be bands, we can put you in touch with them. You may want to check out some similar blogs to see how they approach it.  

You could also include videos of any bands you mention or include their Twitter handles.

 Anyone else have any suggestions?

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Sorry it's taken me so long to join! Unfortunately I have been unable to interview any bands, but Friday I'll be able to check out a couple venues downtown, even go to a show or two. If you could do that that'd be great! 

I also have some ideas on how teens our age aren't always able to get into shows because we're underage, or bands and their struggle starting out. But thank you, anything helps. :)

Hey Esme!  When can we see your blog about ACL?  I know you took a ton of great photos, we wanna see em!

I think I'll be done with it by Friday! I did do an interview with a band that I included, and added in some ideas from Ronnie, about venues and shows for all ages. I'll be sure to add in lots of pictures!

I would definitely use their videos and definitely use their Twitter handles when you mention the band name. Doesn't need to be for every mention but at least the first. That helps your article be interactive and also help show up with search engine (basically to get yours on the first page - which will come in handy later)

Here are a couple ACL review examples that are neat. They incorporate quotes and pictures.

I'm sorry I haven't been in touch, we unexpectedly went out of town for the weekend. Hope I didn't miss too much at Blogueras yesterday! I've finished my blog, but it's in three different parts; the interview, the review on venues, and ACL. Should I split them into 3 different posts? Any other tips on editing or something I should do before posting? Thank you!

Yeah, I think you could split them into three different parts. Then, you can write like an intro post with a small blurb about them all with links to each piece. That way it's kind of still like one piece but sectioned up. 

One small tip is to make paragraphs short, around 2-3 sentences. It's also okay to use one sentence as a paragraph. You can use it so show emphasis.

Just like this..

Web readers also tend to read the first paragraph and then the last (they scroll down right away) so you can put your important stuff there or repeat it there if you want. 

Can't wait to see your blog!





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