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February 2016 Blog Posts (36)

Women's History Artists

As I am looking for artist to put in this power point presentation for International Women's Day celebration at the artist market downtown, I found it difficult. Aside from Frida Kahlo and Georgia O'Keeffe, what other women artist are commonly known? Google "women artists" and you get a short list of primarily old 18th and 19th century artist, Google "Latina artists" and get and even shorter list. Overall I got my 20 women artist to be displayed, a little more than half are Latina, and very…


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Blog-a-thon: A Latina who has changed my life

I’ve met a series of professional women throughout my life. Whether they’re engineers, teachers, or business women, they’ve all influenced me in some way or another. However, none of them had managed to leave an emotional impression on me that went beyond awe for their strength and determination.

It feels as if I’ve been searching for a role model my entire life. I’ve been looking someone with whom I can connect with…


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Spotlight on Macarena Hernandez at UTEP live leadership conference

What an incredible time I had at UTEP live conference! This past Friday I witness some of the best advices from a person who has made an entire journey to help Latino communities throughout the US and the same person who has become my career inspiration: Macarena Hernandez. 

She was the keynote morning from this year's UTEP live conference and let me tell you guys, she rocked it! She began talking about her work, which has been published in New York Times (where she was an intern), The… Continue

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Celebrating Women's History Month; Proud to be a #ChicaPoderosa

This month to celebrate Women's history month our young Latinitas shared their thoughts on being Chicas Poderosas and wrote about some of the great Latina women that have accomplished great things to our community. They shared advice with other Latina girls and shared a bit of what they're proud of.

Something I do good for my community is that I help each other with…


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Do we really have a good relationship with our moms?

I have just finished an article about what advices have attached to us (Latinitas daughters) the most from our moms. I discovered a lot of things that called my interest in arranging the info of the interviews chicas, here's a little general overview about what I found out. 

We have a lot of communication with our moms, almost every day (if not the whole day). The three topics most talked in Latinas mom and daughter relationships are school, friendships and relationships… Continue

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Women History Month Celebration

We are celebrating women history month, and as a part of it we ask our girls to share with us what they do for their community, who do they admire, what is the importance of women in our society, to give an advice to another girls and why are they proud of being latinas. This is what they share with us,

To help my community I have picked up trash and also do some meetings and helpon them. Yo admiro a Jenni Rivera por que es una mujer que todos la admiran por que nunca se…


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College Chica

On February 13th we had our College Chica event, and for me it was my first time experiencing something like that. A little over all, we had a college panel on why college is important and different experiences from the ladies, I was actually able to talk about some of my experiences. What I really liked is that these young Latinas were able to get a tour from our campus here in El Paso, we went to the University of Texas at El Paso, we showed them around, they got a chance to see how big it…


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A special night

Some see this year as it's too early, but it is already the end of february, next thing it's Spring Break, then Easter Sunday, and the months will keep on going by. So the better the high school girls start looking for their perfect dresses the better. 

Finding the perfect dress is what we all aim at,

The dress that will make us look beautiful, the one that is going to attract everyone's eyes,

Because it's one night that makes the rest of the year fall into…


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Alone Time

Being Latina means having a huge family. Meeting a new cousin or tia at almost every party and listening to your parents tell stories of when they were young, little cousins running around, not being able to keep a secret because before you know it all your tia's are already talking about it. Ive been through this many, many times. Growing up I didn't have enough time for myself and I only had 2 siblings, but when I started college and HAD to be alone…


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Afro-Latinas in Hollywood

Hi chicas! Did you know February was the black issues month? Here are some influential Latinas in honor for this emblematic month. I decided to focus it on Hollywood's Latinas, you know, for inspiration and extra culture every time we go to a concert or to the movie theater. Let's beat it girls!

Celia Cruz

Whenever you feel like crying, always remind to yourself, chica: La Vida Es un Carnaval! Words taken from Cuban Latina Celia Cruz, born on October 31, 1925. Ursula Hilaria… Continue

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Valla Humana para el Papa.

I was part of the valla humana in Juarez that was made for the Pope and it was exhausting. I was located near the seminar so I had a good place. We were told to met in there at 4 am!, so I woke up at 3 am to get ready and have a good breakfast because I knew that it will be a long and tired day. We were given extra large shirts as part of our uniform, they were that size because it was suposed to fit above all of the clothes that we were wearing. At 4 am the weather was cold so I was pack…


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Señor si algo te debo, con esto te pago

What a day chicas, I will never forget the tiredness I felt at the end of the mass.

I woke up at 6:00 AM sharp for the extraordinary and historical moment we all Juarenses and tourist were about to live. I had breakfast and dispose myself along with my boyfriend for the event of the millennium. Although we had tickets to the yellow section, we went with the transportation of the green section because their rutas were the nearest point to our houses that morning. Bad thing we didn't… Continue

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Dear Friend,

There is a lot of ways that you can boost your confidence. You can think positively about yourself, don't care what other people think of you. Don't compare yourself to other people be yourself and be proud to be yourself.

Your friend,


Dear friend I know things can get tough, but always remember who you are and think about the people that love you. Always have a high…


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Dear Friend

I know you feel down, but I am going to give you some tips that  have helped me. Here's tip 1 every morning you woke up give yourself a pep talk. Tip 2 list everything positive about yourself and add more everyday. Tip 3 spend time with friends and family to help boost your confidence. Last, tip 4 to ignore all the bad things and focus on the good ones because you want to keep those memories for a lifetime.

Sincerely, …


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Confidence means when you don't feel afraid to do anything. 

Your attitude and your feeling brings you confidence.

You can compliment yourself to boost your confidence.

When you have low self-esteem you can commit bad things you will start wanting to harm yourself and be blaming your parents on how you look. 

Confidence is a feeling or showing about yourself.

What brings down your confidence is being a shy person. 

To boost your confidence…


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Agatha Christi

Hoy lei la mini biografia de Agatha Christi... cuantas de ustedes sabián de ella? Yo supe de ella en mi infancia cuando en un episodió de Hey Arnold le hicieron un tributo para recordarla. Sino, dejenme les hablo de ella. Ella fue una famosa escritora de novelas policiacas y de detectives. Pero lo que la hizó aún más famosa fue su repentina desaparición por los bosques. Fue encontrada 11 dias más tarde por su ex esposo, lo que me llamo la atención al leer de ella es que todo se lo guardaba.… Continue

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Nonprofit Looking For Girls With Burn/Trauma Scars For Healing, Holistic Retreat

Nonprofit Looking For Girls With Burn/Trauma Scars For Healing, Holistic Retreat

Encinitas, CA, February 17, 2016 – From house fires to science experiments, car accidents and…


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No, V-Day does not stand for Valentines Day; it was violence against women day! I went for Latinitas to do the Clothesline Project and a healing hearts tree. For those who don’t know, the clothesline project is a program to address and increase awareness to the issue of violence against women. This is done all around the world in many different ways. We asked survivors, those affected, or anyone who believes the violence has to stop to write messages to one another for encouragement on some…


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Historias de mujeres...

Hola mis queridas latinitas,

Hoy vengo a compartirles de un libro que empeze a leer apenas ayer. Su nombre como es 'Historias de mujeres' por Rosa Montero. Ella es una periodista española y en su libro habla de las experiencias de 15 diferentes mujeres que han aportado bastante de su vida a la sociedad feminista. Dejenme decirles que no me considero feminista, más si creo en la igualdad de hombres y mujeres en algunos aspectos de la vida. Regresando al libro les puedo decir que hasta… Continue

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United We Dream? Do we suppose to eat that?

At this very exact moment chica, activism is being done and you may not be aware of it! Today, Monday 15th there is a rally at Armijo Park from El Paso from the United We Dream Organization (UWD).

It started at 8:00 am sharp and it is with the purpose of ending immigration enforcement and to call for a community without fear #ElPasoSinMiedo. They want to make sure roads towards immigrants’ success are being taken, ensuring the dignity and fair treatment of immigrant youth and their… Continue

Added by Grecia Sanchez on February 15, 2016 at 4:06pm — No Comments

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