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Denying birthright citizenship is denying American values

The immigration debate continues as Sen. Lindsey Graham recently announced that he may introduce a constitutional amendment that would put an end to birthright citizenship. The 14th Amendment grants citizenship to the children born of immigrant parents in the United States. Supporters of this change argue that illegal immigrants take advantage of Birthright citizenship by using it as a means to gain free benefits and entitlements. According to Sen. Graham, birthright citizenship “attracts… Continue

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Why don’t Hispanics support one another?

I was away at school when the Arizona immigration law came into light. That night at the sorority meeting we had a discussion about it. I left the room angrier with

my fellow Hispanic sisters, than at the white people passing the law.



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Weird Cool Jobs

Inspired by an article by Marie Claire about women with cool jobs I decided to add on to that list.


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Do grades matter?

When I was in high school, I was always dead set that grades are important. A crucial part of what colleges were looking for. However, I didn't kill myself for the A's.

Doing the work was almost granted for me to get an A, not that it wasn't worth the grade, but I was smart I didn't have to worry that much about it. Being in AP classes was challenging, but not too hard. i graduated top ten percent and I was bit happy about that, I always thought that I could've tried for…

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So we're here in the Latinitas office, and we over hear (its not hard to do that here) this man arguing with another man very, very loudly about some kind of money issue. Does he not realize that he is not only sitting outside our open office, but that the entire facility is cubicles? Everyone can hear you! Not only is he rude, and very loud, but he is cussing up a storm. He's wait on some lady to come give her a refund. When she finally gets here, he proceeds to start arguing with her. And she… Continue

Added by Miranda Alvarez on July 26, 2010 at 10:26am — No Comments

Favorite Celebs

Above all the Jennifer Aniston's, Angelina Jolie and other blonde, cliche actresses there is Zoey Deschenel.

I loved her before she was the She in She and Him, I loved before her wardrobe was considered cool and I loved her before she was Summer.

I loved her quirkyness in almost every film she was in, no matter how short her role was. Her personality bloomed on camera, no matter if she was supposed be part of the melting background.

I love Leo,…


Added by Liliana Gonzalez on July 22, 2010 at 12:52pm — No Comments

Best Commercial

Not counting the superbowl, like how can you compete with those. Later on I shall do worst commercials for millions of dollars.

The Old Spice guy!

I love this commericial, it's hilarious, it grabs your attention because it's so weird. I'm happy that advertising companies are placing minorities on commericials/ads nowadays. Not just place a minority in the background. Too bad that no matter who proposes to who in the Old Spice commericals, sales have gone down. Life is…


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Inception Awesomeness-SPOILER ALERT


Yesteday I finally watched one of the most anticipated films this summer, well at least for me. I loved it, there was nothing about the movie that I didn't enjoy. It was told wonderfully, creatively and with suspense. The whole movie kept you at the edge of your seat, that's how the man sitting on front of me spend the three hours.

I marvel and apploud a person that can direct such exquisite film, as well as write…


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Relationships concerning your friends or a boyfriend can be really hard. There are many different elements that go into maintaining a good healthy relationship with a friend or a significant other. I have had some bad and good experiences concerning both of these relationships. When your young finding friends seems to be so easy. You just have to walk out to the jungle gym and boom there you go, you find a friend instantly. When you start getting older though this becomes more difficult. Girls… Continue

Added by Amanda Johnson on July 21, 2010 at 2:28pm — 2 Comments


As school starts the homework starts to build up, the school organizations get hectic, and after all of this you still have to maintain your social life! Stress comes out of all this and can really take a tole on you. I personally know what it feels like to feel bombarded with all of these activities and what can happen if you let stress take control of you. I use to think high school was hard but then I got to college and wished I was still in high school haha. College is so much different… Continue

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Are you really that fat??

You see skinny girls walking around on tv having a great time right? But to be that scary thin is unhealthy, not to mention dangerous! Actually, many young girls have eating disorders (mostly ages 13-19). Girls might feel pressure from friends to be thinner. Based on a survey, most girls try their first diet in middle school.

Also, media like TV or magazines make models look so thin and girls try to copy them. Even some skinny girls think they're overweight and keep losing…


Added by Victoria Morales on July 19, 2010 at 8:54pm — 1 Comment

Law Enforcement For Drugs

I don't think that the law should allow

Added by dannika l. martinez on July 19, 2010 at 4:01pm — No Comments

Media molds

Congratulations! You blow out your 13 birthday candles and you are officialy a teenager! Welcome to moody attitudes, self-consious mornings, and the attraction to certain people. The biggest things that will follow and pressure you are society's hidden ideas of perfection in it's media. These ideas will be seen and heard everywhere! Movies, magazines, and television are the motherbases of these opinions. They will brainwash you into changing your style, face, and personality! It sounds insane… Continue

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Im gonna talk about abuse. Abuse is when a person hits or beats another person.It does not apply to one gender anyone can be abusive, a man or a girl can hit for no reason. This is not all but most of the people that are abusive probably have a mental illness. This is not always the case, they could be mad or fell so bad a bout themselves that they cant help but let that anger out. Usually when they let the anger out its on other people.

Men are not the only people who can be abusive,… Continue

Added by Becca Wickenehiser on July 19, 2010 at 3:44pm — No Comments

I've claimed him!

It seems as though the total buzz and the couple that everyone wants to be a part of is centered around the Twilight's series Edward and Bella, but is this teenage romance really sending out the right message to teens in their own relationships? In the popular vampire films, Bella desperately wants Edward to bite her to turn her into a vampire for all eternity. For vampires that might work but in reality if you bite your boyfriend nothing special is going to happen, but you might leave a mark.… Continue

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Caring more about others...and less about us.

Living in this world, we often take for granted what we have and fail to realize or appreciate how lucky we are, compared to others around us. Instead of being concerned about what new fashions and items that we think we need, how often do we stop to think about the needs of others, rather than the wants about us? There are so many opportunities for us as teenagers to reach out and help provide people in need with different things. We are all here on this planet together, might as well help… Continue

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For living in a boarder city, immigration is a key topic in everybody's mind. In some ways

immigration can be bad, but in other ways some people come to make a new and

better life. The bad thing is some people come into the United States to sell

drugs, or to sell people, but some people come to the US to better themselves

and to make a living for their family or to…


Added by Victoria Murillo on July 19, 2010 at 3:30pm — No Comments

Under Age Drinking...

once you get into the whole high school scene you see that things start to change.. BIG TIME!! What you thought was fun in middle school could be suuuuper lame now! OR maybe you still think sleepovers are fun and stuff but your friends are into that whole different scene!! :b there into drinking and drugs and partying and that whole rave scene!! I knowfor me its waay different. I'm still into that mind setting that sleepovers and movies are fuuun when others think different! I think that under… Continue

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Q and A: Getting involved and getting the scholarships you need!

Elizabeth Justice, Assistant Vice President Office of Scholarships at UTEP, gave Latinitas the scoop on how to get involved with your community, how to get land the scholarships you need and the importance of Latinas going…


Added by Dejeanne Doublet on July 19, 2010 at 11:30am — No Comments

Top 25 Schools for Hispanics

Every year, Hispanic Online Magazine researches the nation’s most prestigious colleges and universities to select the best institutions for Hispanic students to attend.

Visit this link to find out which colleges made the cut:…


Added by Dejeanne Doublet on July 14, 2010 at 11:30am — No Comments

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