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I'm a Chica Poderosa Because...

I'm a chica poderosa because I have found myself free and so motivated to do more things on my own. I have learned that moving away from my hometown is not so scary as I thought it also made me discover myself more and what I'm capable of reaching. I miss my family but to be honest, I'm really happy and excited about my decision. Is not that now that I'm on my own I can do whatever I want but I feel that sometimes…


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Greetings form SA

Hello my dear Latinitas,

I just stopped by to say hello and to tell you all how much I miss you. I'm currently living in San Antonio and has been a unique experience so far. The first thing that I want to mention is that my English has improved...that's for sure. Where I work, I'm the only fluent…


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I'm a chica poderosa because...

I try to be the most original as posible, I sometimes do not follow the rules and that makes me get in trouble. I make my own decisions and try to make them count. I speak when something that I think is not fine, and I do try to be against the cruelty that sometimes society prejudice other individuals. 


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What it is being a feminist?

Last week a friend of mine gave me as a gift a book, that is about important women in history. Not all of them are Latinas, but they did important contributions to the society. Something interesting about this book is that some of these women were considere as "rebels" because they didn't follow the norms in which women had to act. 

The book is call…


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Latina Women who has changed my life: Prof. Zita Arocha

A women that has changed my life is my professor of journalism, Prof. Zita Arocha. She was born in Cuba and came with her family to the U.S., where she studied education, but became a journalist. She has worked at the Washington Post and the Herald Post in Miami. She is a very nice, sweet and talented professor and I have learned a lot with her in my years of college. At UTEP, there is a camp over the summer…


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Helping my community

I help my community by going to different housings in El Paso. I do lesson plans with them and the activities are different each week, they usually are from different topics and most of them are about Latinas. Our after school clubs are on the evenings and we promote them a lot, so girls can help their community as well. …


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Agatha Christi

Hoy lei la mini biografia de Agatha Christi... cuantas de ustedes sabián de ella? Yo supe de ella en mi infancia cuando en un episodió de Hey Arnold le hicieron un tributo para recordarla. Sino, dejenme les hablo de ella. Ella fue una famosa escritora de novelas policiacas y de detectives. Pero lo que la hizó aún más famosa fue su repentina desaparición por los bosques. Fue encontrada 11 dias más tarde por su ex esposo, lo que me llamo la atención al leer de ella es que todo se lo guardaba.… Continue

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Nonprofit Looking For Girls With Burn/Trauma Scars For Healing, Holistic Retreat

Nonprofit Looking For Girls With Burn/Trauma Scars For Healing, Holistic Retreat

Encinitas, CA, February 17, 2016 – From house fires to science experiments, car accidents and…


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Historias de mujeres...

Hola mis queridas latinitas,

Hoy vengo a compartirles de un libro que empeze a leer apenas ayer. Su nombre como es 'Historias de mujeres' por Rosa Montero. Ella es una periodista española y en su libro habla de las experiencias de 15 diferentes mujeres que han aportado bastante de su vida a la sociedad feminista. Dejenme decirles que no me considero feminista, más si creo en la igualdad de hombres y mujeres en algunos aspectos de la vida. Regresando al libro les puedo decir que hasta… Continue

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Barbie Petite

I'm really happy to know that the company that makes the Barbie dolls were more open to the different body types and sizes of their dolls. I think that our society is having now a more open idea of the real role models that our future generations are going to be looking at. Since now teens and girls are interested at other things, Barbie was little by little left aside. Also, there are tons of different…


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T.V show Stalker

Since January is the month of Stalking Awareness, I remembered about this T.V. series that is called Stalker. I personally enjoy all detective/ police series and that type of shows because I tend to get all excited if the main characters will resolve the case and thing like that. Something that caught my attention from this series is that it talks about an issue that some of us have or are experiencing in our lives. There…


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Disney is adding a new princess to their family, Princess Elena de Avalor

We are proud to know that our Hispanic heritage is gaining more background on the television. Event that she will be appearing on television, as princess Sofia cousin and not in a movie is a start. There are television shows, like Dora La Exploradora, that also embrace the latino culture. I think that Princess Elena will make a good impact on the audience... in general. By this, I also think that Disney writers will…


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Remedios Caseros de Mama

So, my mom is that type of mexican mom that likes to try the remedios caseros that she sees on a facebook page she liked. Each month my mom comes at me with a different way to make my hair or hers grow. Last year, for about the last 6 months she started using her regular shampoo, but she added ONIONS. I know... I know what you might thinking, I put the same face you are doing right now. If you are…


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Simon Youth Foundation seeks applicants for $1 million in scholarships

Simon Youth Foundation seeks applicants for $1 million in scholarships


El Paso, TX – This year, living near Cielo Vista Mall could help a graduating senior pay for college. Simon Youth Foundation, a national nonprofit that provides educational opportunities for at-risk high school students, has begun looking for a graduating senior who lives within fifty miles of Cielo Vista Mall. 


Each year, Simon Youth Community Scholarships are awarded in every… Continue

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Tech Chica

This past Saturday we had our TECH CHICA workshop at EPCC TV station. Our girls had the opportunity to see how a real TV show is run behind the scenes. There was a producer guiding us around the station and teaching us how to use the cameras, to do a sound check and production. There was also a college panel consisted by the members of Latinitas and girls were able to ask them questions about their…


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Advice: You can do anything

You can do anything you want if you get yourself to do it. Don't let anybody discourage you from doing what you love or don't let anyone change your personality.

-Mariana de la Rosa

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We are strong enough

You are strong in to overcome whatever it comes. Life is full of challenges and experiences that will always teach you something. At the end, that is what life is like, to teach you and develop your person.

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Trust yourself

Don't make yourself feel less than others.

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You are the best

Don't change the best thing about you just so that someone else will like you.


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Don't listen to them

Don't listen to any negative words. Always try your best.
Be yourself
Love yourself
You are beautiful the way you are.

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