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Feminism, what is it to you?

Just by entering the word Feminism on You tube one day I got an array of videos and comments. People saying that women need to stay in the kitchen, that women are only good for sex, and that feminists are destroying masculinity. Now, I have only been studying feminism and feminist theory one semester but none of these things are ever mentioned in my women studies courses. In fact, my women studies teachers are the only one's that encourage you voice your own opinion whether the teacher agrees… Continue

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Outraged! At Immigration Law

United States is a land of immigrants. The only native people to this country are the Native Americans and we have even managed to put them in reservations and they are more like outsiders than natives. What type of country are we creating? A country where I can be stopped because I look hispanic (well duh! I am mexican)and if i don't carry a birth certificate i can be arrested and probably deported. It seems like we are going backwards! What happened to civil rights? Or better yet, what… Continue

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Latinitas Las Cruces

This past Saturday April 17 I started my own Latinitas Club in Las Cruces, it was a hit! We had 4 girls-- Nevaeh, Kayla, Andrea and Kiana. Andrea and Kiana were late but we still had fun introducing ourselves and showing off the awesome pictures my girls took. I am very excited and hopefully we get a lot more girls. Nevaeh and Kayla even helped me recruit girls at Apodaca park later that day. We even had a daycare coordinator ask if I could do a presentation at her daycare to her after school… Continue

Added by Miriam on April 19, 2010 at 8:01am — 2 Comments

Duranguense Sub-culture in El Paso Part 1

This weekend me and my family were invited to two quinceaneras.Both my old friends of the family and I was excited to see kids all grown up. One of them was at a Church hall on the Lower Valley which was very much like any quince I had seen. The second one I went to was so different to what I was used to that i was freaking out. it was a quince... Duranguense Style! You might be wondering, what is that? So here's the scoop on the Duranguense culture!

As you can see by the… Continue

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Tweens, Pre-teens and Teens, to me it seems like girls are anxious to advance from the stages. I wish that girls would take the time to grow up. What I want to know is what is the rush? As I look back on my life I want to know where did it go? I feel like Quinceanera was so long ago, now I am about to graduate and I have a three year old daughter. Where is my life going? Everything moves so fast, life is but a flashing light! When I talk to my girls from Armijo club, I feel overwhelmed by the… Continue

Added by Miriam on April 5, 2010 at 8:27am — 2 Comments

LULAC Latina Women Council

"The Scent of Power was in the Air!" This Saturday i felt honored to be surrounded by so many Women in positions of power. It was truly a young feminists dream come true. Empowering Latinas through Education to be Healthy, Wealthy and Wise. We heard from Council to the Assistant Attorney General of the Department of Justice Monica Ramirez who talked about Legal issues facing Latinas, such as immigration and human rights. Honorable Guadalupe Rivera Justice from the Court of appeals gave us a… Continue

Added by Miriam on March 29, 2010 at 6:28am — 3 Comments

Living in a world full of Sterotypes

So, what do you call yourself? A preppy, chola, jock, fresa, daddy's girl, slut? Yeah you heard me? Personally I have been put under the Fresa category several times, but not so much recently. But is it necessary to fit into a category? Nos, I am more of the young mom, is that even a category? Yes there is, it between a soccer mom and a regular mom? Sterotypes for women are the most common, I don't nearly hear as many for men. March 11 I went to so the Guerilla Girls at the NMSU Women Studies… Continue

Added by Miriam on March 24, 2010 at 8:18am — 3 Comments

I can't believe it!

Spring break is over and only tan tan tan 8 more weeks of school left, which means only 16 days left of class for each of my classes. Then i am off to maymester and then summer school, yup no breaks for me! Any way I am so looking forward to graduating this summer! After spending my spring break in the God forsaken town of Las Cruces where I well reside permanently after graduating I am very overwhelmed by emotions but at the same time excited to start a new life! What makes it new? Well my… Continue

Added by Miriam on March 22, 2010 at 7:53am — 1 Comment

Disney Princesses

Watch this Video!

Ok so what do you think about it? DId your critical thinking switch turn on? Why is being a single woman seen as something so terrible? Why are men so important for a woman to be happy? So what do you guys think? This is a discussion blog!

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Latinitas College Council

Alicia and I are working on the Latinitas College Council. This will be for UTEP students (females) and will have a direct connection to Latinitas Inc. We already have an advisor, Dr. Stacey Sowards from the Communications department. The form is in and we are just waiting for a response from the Student Development Center. I want to ask everyone for their help to lift this project up! Unfortunately, me and Rosana Lopez are graduating and we need someone to take over and continue with the… Continue

Added by Miriam on March 3, 2010 at 8:36am — 1 Comment

The Vagina Monologues

This Saturday I went to go see the Vagina Monologues at the Magoffin Auditorium at UTEP! I have to say it was worth every penny. These women put on a great show! They tackle different issues like Female Genital Mutilation, Violence, Cleanliness, Hair, Sex, Transgendered People, and the one that took out a tear The Rapes in the Congo. The story of a girl who is a sex slave and is giving instructions as to how to get out and survive. It is a play that is full of emotions because… Continue

Added by Miriam on February 22, 2010 at 8:39am — 1 Comment

Until the Violence Stops

Please watch this video first!

The Vagina Monologues

Magoffin Auditorium

Feb 19 and 20

Last thursday I went to a teach in at UTEP about the spotlight country for V-day 2010. "Stop Raping our best resource" is what the Democratic Republic of Congo screams. Women and children being raped over a war that is not worthed

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For the victims!

Thursday Feb. 11 UTEP will be hosting a silent vigil for the students killed at a Juarez Massacre Jan. 30-31 at the Geology Lawn at 6:30. If you can please go and say a little prayer or just show that you to are tired of all the violence!

Added by Miriam on February 9, 2010 at 6:55pm — 1 Comment

Boys? BLAH!

This Blog is not to hate on Boys or Men. It is not about being sexist and talking about the opposite sex! This past Thursday I took my totally awesome, cute and super Gorgeous Cousin Alejandra to the mall and for Chico's Tacos. Alejandra is AKA Ala. She is 12 years old and is like a little sister to me... I love her to death. Anyway, she told me that a boy in her school asked her to be his girlfriend. I wanted to kill her ( not literally) but I made a choice to listen to her instead and gain… Continue

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Back to Father Yermo

So, I did a presentation at my old high school today! I have to say that walking through those halls again made me want to cry! I visit my mama in the administration office all the time but just going to my old Spanish classroom or walking by the office brought back memories. I talked to a club called Chaplains and since it is a Catholic School this club does all the religios work and thing to do with community service. I talked to about 30 people, they seemed very attentive throughout the… Continue

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Dia de la Cande... que?

So I am like so Mexican! My family is totally Mexican too! Anyway, with that set straight on January 6 we got together at my mom's house and had a rosca de reyes. In the rosca is a little plastic baby and if you get that baby you have to make Tamales on February 2. In our case it was rigged becasue no matter who got it my aunt had to make the tamales because she makes them really good. So where does this tradition come from? "February 2nd also falls forty days after Christmas, and is celebrated… Continue

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"Estamos todos desunidos pero queremos amor"

Escribo hoy en espanol por que mi enojo es tan grande que siento necesario expresarme en mi lengua natural! La madrugada del Sabado un comando armado de 15 hombres llegaron a una casa donde se llevaba acabo una fiesta de cumpleanos. Abrieron fuego y mataron a 14 personas! Ocho de esas personas eran estudiantes uno de la universidad y 7 de secundaria y preparatoria. Me pregunta es por que? Por que ya no hay respeto hacia la vida? Entre estos estudiantes se encontraban dos muchachas una de trece… Continue

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Keeping Focused

I am writing this blog today to create awareness. I just want girls to know the importance of keeping focused and not losing track of what you want in life. You could say I was the typical spoiled brat. I graduated from a catholic school and I was the first person in my family to go to college, so I was even more spoiled! I was a psychology major and on my way to succeed, when I got distracted. My parents never asked anything from me. They gave me a nice car, money, clothes everything I could… Continue

Added by Miriam on January 27, 2010 at 8:44am — 2 Comments

Violence in Juarez affects Youth

The violence in Cuidad Juarez seems to be getting worst and worst each year. Over the Christmas break I had my cousin Silvia come and stay with me. She is 21 and is a student at the UPN (Universidad Pedagogica Nacional). She wants to be a special ed teacher and is in her second year. I talked to her about how the violence in Juarez is affecting her and she told me that it is very scary. Her boyfriend, who has been robbed at gunpoint twice last year, picks her up and they go to school. She says… Continue

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