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My 2016

2016 has been a great and terrible year for me. From finally graduating college with a journalism degree to going through a heartbreak. So many things happened. To make things concise, I'll list out the events in two categories. 

Bad things 

  • The relationship with the boy who I thought I was going to marry ended 
  • I couldnt find a job for months 
  • I had to move back in with my parents 
  • I was back in the town I dreaded coming back to 
  • I was…

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Why seeing Gina Rodriguez on the cover of Women's Health was so refreshing

This Saturday morning, I needed a pick me up and reading something inspirational and powering is always the ticket. Well, I started out with my usual cup of coffee and watched Jane the Virgin to distract me. Like every morning, I check all of my social media and sweeping through Twitter is nothing unusual. I then came across Gina Rodriguez being talked about and I decided to follow the trend and I came across Women's Health magazine and right in the cover was Gina Rodriguez. Something deep…


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I hope to one day be a Latina Hero

I do hope one day to be a Latina hero and as a Latina hero I would like to be known as someone who was understanding, not scared to voice her opinions, and who was a friend to everyone and anyone who needed one.


 In this growing world, so many new things are happening…


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I am a chica poderosa because I’m proud of my Mexican roots, I’m independent, and I do everything I can to help the Latina community.


I’m a first generation Mexican American and I cannot be more proud. Growing up I had to translate everything for my parents, make doctor appointments for my entire family, and even…


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The F word

Growing up a Mexican woman, there were times when it was difficult to express myself to my extended family and in my culture. My parents knew that I had an open mind and accepted and loved me but in the Mexican culture, it wasn’t something so… encouraged. The way I dressed, my body shape, and the way I spoke out wasn’t seen as something to be proud of every time I was in Mexico or around my very old fashioned aunts. But I loved myself. The way I…


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Blog a thon topic #2: WCW

My one WCW all day everyday is Frida Kahlo and I will keep on crushing on her until the day I die. Yes, a lot of Hispanic girls look up to her and are inspired by her artwork and the fact that she’s Mexican, but not a lot of people really realize who she was. When I first heard about her I was proud to see that she was a famous female artist from Mexico. That blew my mind because you don’t hear much about famous women in Mexican history so I was instantly drawn to her. My admiration got me…


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Alone Time

Being Latina means having a huge family. Meeting a new cousin or tia at almost every party and listening to your parents tell stories of when they were young, little cousins running around, not being able to keep a secret because before you know it all your tia's are already talking about it. Ive been through this many, many times. Growing up I didn't have enough time for myself and I only had 2 siblings, but when I started college and HAD to be alone…


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Quien Soy Yo?

Who am I?

Im a daughter, a big sister, a friend, a cousin but more importantly, I'm a Latina writer. Does this make a difference in my life? Yes and dramatically. I was born March 8th, 1993 in a really small East Texas town named Gilmer. The population consisted of Caucasians and the only latin@s I knew were my cousins. I was placed in ESL classes early on and was taught how to write and read in…


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My Mascara Journey

Like many other Latinas, I have thick, long lashes but mine are also SUPER straight. Over the years I have only used mascara from Mexico because it was the only type that would keep my lashes curled and not clumped. Well, recently I was curious about the American mascaras and I thought I could find the perfect high end mascara since everyone was raving about them. So I went to Ulta and tried out the their best mascaras.

Roller Lash from Benefit: Supposedly, this…


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