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Brown Eyed Chica: Write On Prom Project!


In the United States, prom is one of the biggest events that'll happen during your high school career. To actually follow tradition, there's the dress, the shoes, the makeup and hair. Then the dinner the transportation, the dancing, and the date(s), which are all integral parts of a magical night dressed up in the most beautiful garb. Some girls don't have the…


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Global Youth Service Day

Last month the Alvarez club and I whipped up a couple ideas on how to make El Paso a better place, in honor of Global youth service day. Global Youth Service day is an annual campaign celebrating and getting millions of children and youth into wanting to improve their communities through some kind of community service or service learning. The girls addressed their community's most important issues and tried to get their schools and families involved. Some ways to solve issues that the girls…


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Body Image, Alvarez HA Spring2013

Learning body image for the Alvarez girls was somewhat difficult. They are so young and beautiful that any 10 year old like themselves would care less about the way they looked. The girls thought that being beautiful was the kind of person you are, and the clothes you wear. A pretty dress can make all the difference. Although that is already a start for superficiality, they didn't seem to have any qualms with the way they were shaped. So we thought we'd help them out and forewarn them of the…


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The dress, inspired by the one and only Linsay Lohan

Miss Lohan is infamous for her behavior, addiction to drugs, criminal background and all-around bad decisions, but she is also known as a heartwarming and impressionable childhood actress. Much like many Americans, and Latinas, Lohan is not alone. There are many girls in this country who battle addiction, self-esteem problems, and most of all reality.

Growing up,…


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Inspiring Women

This week my club discussed great and inspiring women from history. Hilary Clinton, Madam Curie, Rosa Parks and Sonya Sotomayor were some of the few names considered and recognized in our discussion. The two women chosen for paragraphs were Frida Kahlo and Dolores Huerta. 

Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo is a Mexican painter who is historical because of her political views and her arts. She helped spread Mexican Traditions and Woman's rights with messages through her arts. I…


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Blogathon: Sheros

<“ if you are lucky enough to know your own worth, you know everything you need to know.” Mia Mckenzie

<(Black Girl Dangerous) …


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Learning about Body Image

I run one of Latinitas' after school camps for girls at the Kennedy housing center every Wednesday. This past week we discussed body image, which is the way you think you look depending on the way other people view you, and the credit or discredit you give yourself. So as the girls walked in together laughing I thought they were the cutest things and super pretty with their hair done showing their big smiles. I was super excited to start the lesson, surely these girls had…


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Thispiration: Be careful what you stumble, tumbl upon or pin.

Although being healthy and fit is extremely important for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, obsessively attempting to achieve what seems to be the definition of fit can be…


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Running with the flow: My New Year's Resolution

This past New Year's I had no intention of making any resolutions because I never have, and I feel that if I were to make a life changing choice, it could be any day or any occasion; and I didn't have any in mind. But my friend did. He and I have been saying that we need to get in shape and follow our grad school dreams for the longest time, and he decided to do something about it. But of course, my friend Elmer decided to drag me along. His bright ideas for a new year's resolution were to…


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Local Vintage Shoppes in El Paso

When we say Vintage we're not talking about the process of harvesting wine, we are talking about clothes, accessories, furniture, cars, or anything that has a maturity or an everlasting appeal. To be vintage is to be characterized by excellence, to be classic. Latinitas went around to a couple of El Paso’s very own vintage shops and had a fashion shoot to show how older hand-me-down clothes can still be in style.
First we stopped at …

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Love Your Body through Missrepresentations

"We are a Nation of Teenage boys" - Carol Jenkins

These words made me think as I sat down to watch the film, Missrepresentation, created by a group of people campaigning for a change for women at an event on the second day of UTEP's Love your Body week.  The movie was a wonderful eye-opening documentary on how women are extremely objectified in today's media; and how a woman's appearance is more important than her mind. The film was an inspiring,…


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Latina Advice

Be who you want to be, but remember your roots.

There have been many instances where girls take their Hispanic heritage for granted and try to forget where they came from either because they are embarrassed or, for some reason, ashamed. Be proud who you are, and where you came from because that's how you're going to get places in life. 

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Now You Know

One of the many misconceptions about the Hispanic culture, is that we are lazy. But on the contrary, Hispanics are some of the hardest working people out there. Latino's are the backbone of the US and they are willing to work overtime for minimum pay in the jobs that are unwanted by most. These people live to provide for themselves and for their families under meager circumstances and still get labeled as a lax ethnicity,…


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The Woman I look up to

One Latina role model I look up to is my mother. She is the mother of five and a successful educator. Wanting to grow up and become a Dr., or so she says now, my mother went for her masters in business finance and married my father at the age of 21. She has always pushed me to follow my passions and has given me the opportunities to explore the world. With this, I am inspired to follow my feet and explore everything while looking for an education in the most random places with the most…


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Celebrate Family

My Favorite tradition would have to be family gatherings. In the Hispanic community there are many times families get together to celebrate each other, for whatever reason they can think of. For my family, it's usually every Sunday and  a tradition where all my aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents who sill live in the same city get together and celebrate each other. 

This past weekend my cousin had her 5th birthday party at my house, so that was our excuse for getting together and…


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Why do YOU Think Latinas make Strong leaders?

Latinas make strong leaders because it's in our blood. We are the neck, shoulders and spine of our family and we strive to become an effective part of our loved one's lives. Although we have our weaknesses, there have been many prime examples of great Latina leaders in our past and present.

Michelle Bachelete is the former president of Chile and is head of UN Women. She was a successful leader…


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Why I'm proud to be a Latina

Being a minority of a country full of different cultures is not that rare, and being a proud Latina in the United States is becoming more and more prevalent in today's day and age. The reasons to be proud are endless but my reason is because being a Latina is something that completes me. Growing up on a border town I didn't realize how comfortable it was to live in a world where mostly everyone else was of Hispanic descent. Then I moved away for a few years and was under some kind of culture…


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Zero Tolerance - Youth Against Underage Drinking

This past weekend I attended the Rio Grande Safe Communities Coalition's Zero Alcohol for Youth Training in El Paso. The room was filled with teenagers from all over the city representing their schools and youth groups. The purpose of the training was to start a youth coalition against underage drinking, or CARE group (communities against reckless endangerment). We were given a couple of statistics throughout the day that proved to be very educational. For instance, did you know that Texas…


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All Female Art Show - Mujeres de la Tierra


 This past weekend I was able to make it out to the downtown art market (DWNTWN ARTMRKT) to support El Paso's local female artists. There were dancers, singers, art vendors, jewelry makers, bakers, artists, and numerous organizations helping the…


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a subtle protest against book banning

Recently, I've noticed that I've been surrounding myself with people who read. Not just people who read magazines, blogs, facebook statuses or twitter, but people who actually sit down and enjoy a good page turner - or the new technological rendition,Kindle, or something of the like. My old roommate would sit for hours reading The Lord of The Rings, my cousin, and some good friends from El Paso use books to pass the time instead of watch whatever's on the tube, but I wonder if it's just the…


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