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Hey everyone, today is my last day as a Latinitas intern! 

It's been a pleasure creating content for you! I really hope my posts have been interesting for you. I tried to vary my topics to keep you interested! Latinitas has been a great experience for me. I'm graduating college with a degree in journalism. I've been reporting for a couple of years now. This was my first internship, though. I learned about being a self-starter and pacing myself according to my schedule. 



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Last class day

It is May 2 and it is officially my last class day!! 

I can't believe this is the last time, as an undergraduate, that I'll have class! Of course, Thursday is one of my busiest days! I'm on campus from 9:30-5pm, long day. I did have an exam this morning, but I think I passed it. I'm just glad that this semester is over with. I had way too much on my plate. I was so stressed most of the semester. 

I'm practically done with college and it's scary! I facing the world as a…


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Every time May comes around, I always get a little nostalgic.

My dad's birth date is May 6, 1950. He passed away May 31, 2006. He was only 56 years old. 

In November 2005, my dad suffered a stroke at work. I remember that day so well. It was a friend's birthday party and my family refused to tell me what was happening, so as long as I would still go to that party. I felt really guilty for doing so, but that's what my family told me to do. 

When I got home from school…


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Online Gratitude

Social media goes a long way, and one never knows which way is better. In some cases, the online world has made people easier targets for bullying.

However, there are also very good people out there who create supportive systems online. 

I was browsing through my news feed on Facebook and I noticed that a lot of my friends shared motivational pages, links, pictures, etc. I always thought of it as spam, taking over my news feed. I didn't pay much attention to it. I'm not much of…


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Immigration Detention

Immigration detention is an issue that hits home with me. This term refers to incarceration of undocumented people, basically because they are 'caught without papers' in the U.S. However lawful this may seem, how unfair is it really? 

Personally, I would believe that this in most cases is an extreme measure. I'm from a border city, where if an undocumented immigrant from Mexico is caught, they could easily be deported to Mexico. The bridge is right there. However, most face jail for…


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MTV: Girl Code

Tuesday night, MTV premiered a new show called "Girl Code." It focuses on, yes you guessed it, a girl code that women should follow. Yeah, I know. You've heard about a guys code, right? Something about bros before women and other dumb stuff. Well, I guess MTV thought women needed the similar rules within their gender. The show consisted of female commentators, comedians and celebrities. There's a lot of snarky commentary, but it has potential with its underlying important themes. 



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Latino Voices are not suppose to be funny voices.

Most major news outlets have a branch they like to associate with latinos. For example, CNN Latino and NBC Latino were created to have a Latino voice in news, or as I like to think about it: a way to translate everything into Spanish to serve a Spanish-speaking audience, but still separate from the major brand. Although I may have some issues with this concept, of…


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My first grown up pictures.

Yesterday, I finally got to take my graduation pictures. I'm not much of a hair and makeup person. I just kinda threw some eyeliner on and straightened my hair. I thought about going to a salon and getting model-ready for my picture. I didn't because I wanted the girl in the picture to be all me, so I just trusted myself and got ready without help. This picture means a lot more to me than any other picture. It's me, wearing my cap and gown, announcing that graduation happened. I made it and…


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Boston is my reminder.

I was sitting in class Monday afternoon when my phone received several alerts from my CNN app. Two hours later, I was sitting in my friend's living room, watching the live coverage of the Boston Marathon bombings. We just sat there, wondering what was happening and mad at the world at the same time for being such a horrible place. My heart goes out to all those affected by Monday's tragedy. 

Like most people, I was angry and upset that this happened. I couldn't believe an attack like…


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My graduation isn't only changing my life.

It's a month until classes are over and two more weeks after that until I walk across that stage. The closer my graduation gets, the more scared I get about "entering the real world." I've already started looking for jobs and trying to settle down in Austin. I knew I wanted to stay here after graduation, but I don't think my family understood quite well until now. 

I spoke to my mom yesterday and I mentioned my post graduation plans. She responded with, "Well, I'm moving back to…


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My niece.

My brother started having kids at an early age. Him and his long time girlfriend started a family so soon, I was an aunt by the time I was 8 years old. He is 36 years old now and he has eight children. 

I grew up with three brothers, so I can only imagine having seven siblings - five sisters and two brothers. 

My first niece was born into a family willing to spoil the heck out of her. From the start, she was the center of attention. A little too much center of attention, if…


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I didn't grow up with Disney movies. The times I remember seeing Disney films was during recess on a rainy day. Obviously, I know about them now, along with the subtle racism within the films. I've noticed how minorities are often portrayed with comedic stereotypes. What is supposed to be funny and subtle is the oppression minorities have faced throughout history, when listened or watched closely.

Disney Classics

Buzzfeed published …


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Facetime is family time for me.

I felt horrible all day today. I only felt better when I fell asleep, but that didn't benefit my productivity. I was suppose to go to campus for an exam review, but I couldn't muster up the energy to go. 

It was around 9pm when I left my bedroom and went to the living room to do some reading and homework. I was really into my reading when my iPad gets a Facetime call from my brother. I ignored it because: 1. I looked terrible right now to be on camera and 2. I really wanted to power…


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After School Experience

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to visit a couple of Latinitas after school. I'm working a story right now that benefits from some personal insight from these girls. 

I didn't know what to expect, joining in with the girls. I've never been a part of this Latinitas program. I wondered if they'd be willing to work with me. 

I don't know why I was so nervous! The girls were wonderful and really helpful. 

It was an interesting experience for me because I've never interacted…


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Spring Break Sunday

Spring Break had to end some time, right? 

I spent an entire week sleeping in and catching some free shows at SXSW. It was quite relaxing, sleeping in late and not thinking about school so much.

I didn't get to go home this time because my boyfriend's truck broke down and we waited for his family to come up and help him fix it. By then, the money wasn't feasible and we didn't go home. I did talk to my mom about it and she understood. I hope I get to see her soon,…


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It's been a great Spring Break so far for me! This year I thought I'd check out some of the free events SXSW has to offer on I RSVPd to so many free events and it's lead to some pretty good times so far. 

My most awesome moment, so far, would be attending the premiere party for USA's new show, Graceland. My boyfriend and I waited in line…


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Women's History Blog-a-thon: Advice

I'm 22 years old, graduating soon and heading out into the real world. If there's any piece of advice worth giving to a younger generation, I would say: Don't waste your time on people who aren't worth it. 

Let me elaborate on that. 

Your real friends are definitely worth keeping, of course. I would advice to be smart about it and realize sooner who is there to stay and who is not a good friend to you. I…


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Women's History Blog-a-thon: Hardest Thing About Being A Female

Personally, one of the hardest things about being a female is the shaming that comes with "sex ed" knowledge. I mean, sexual education -- learning about sexual awareness and safety. 

I went to schools that didn't teach kids about the "birds and the bees" and that was also a conversation that never came up at…


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Zombie Apocalypse

In a ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE, do you think you'd be capable of surviving?

What are three things you would absolutely guard with your life? …


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Women's History Blog-a-thon: My sHERO!

My sHERO is Maria Vasquez: MY MOM! 

She's always been there for me and this woman is amazing. She's done so much for me and I love her for it. She's the …


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