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Why My Mom Is Special To Me

 The most influential person in my life is definitely my mother. Growing up she always set an example of independence and what it meant to do things on her own without a husband. I remember seeing her come home from work when I was young and although very tired, she would kick off her heels and join me on the couch to watch movies and catch up on how our day went. She made me believe that everything was possible, a great mother and she had a career. I remember daydreaming of the day that i…


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Going To The V-Day Monologue Event With My Niece

So earlier tonight I took my niece with me to the vagina monologue event that was hosted downtown. This was our first experience at an event like this so we did not know what to expect. Before the event I found that this episodic play written by Eve Ensler, is a key component in the V-Day movement. V-Day is a global movement (on or around Valentine's Day) where annual theatrical and artistic events are produced around the world to help out anti-violence organizations. This movement has…


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Shout out to all the college chicas out there!

This month and the next month is definitely crunch time. This is the time where a bunch of projects, papers, and exams are due and everyone at school is stressed out because of all their work on top of their out of school engagements. I can definitely feel the stress at this point but I am determined to get the grades I have been working for this entire semester. It is nice to once in a while take a breather from everything, which is what I realized today. Lately, I have been guilty of…


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Obsession With Celebrity Culture And Why It Is Unhealthy: The Kardashian-Jenner Clan

Nowadays it seems that you cannot scroll down your Facebook newsfeed with out seeing posts relating to the Kardashian-Jenner clan and similar "celebrities" and their lives. This poses a problem to me because people are being pushed (particularly women) to look and act according to the way their favorite celebrities would. Rather than pay any mind to what is going on in the world American media forces women to believe that these celebrities are someone they should aspire to be. Lately I…


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What Feminism Means To Me

Feminism to me, is a belief system where you are an advocate for gender equality. Feminism in my life has been played out through me wanting to be seen as "worthy" as men are because I feel our society really devalues women and their voice. Being a feminist is wanting a better future, where your daughters and sons do not feel that they have to be forced into a role they are unhappy with just to meet society's expectations. Feminism to me is wanting to live in a world where you are seen as…


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Advice I Would Give To A Younger Version Of Myself

If I were ever given the chance to give advice to someone who is like a younger version of myself I would tell her to be strong. I would tell her that life is very short and it's  her job to make the most out of it and happiness is not a guaranteed aspect of life, it is something that you have to strive for every day. Happiness to me is being a place in life where you are constantly trying to better the life you have all while being kind to everyone that crosses your path. This as well as…


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The Hardest Part About Being A Female

I think that for me the hardest part about being a female is the way we are brought up in this day and age to be insecure because of images in mainstream media. I think that mainstream media puts the woman in a place where her looks matter more than anything else about her. I think that young girls feel nowadays so much more pressure than ever before to look and act in a certain way. It is hard because the majority of people get their information through the media which is constantly pushing…


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My sHERO: My Grandmother

When asked who my sHERO was a lot of women came in mind but I chose to write about the person that I knew about the most, my grandmother who passed away about eight years ago. My grandmother Eligia was an orphan growing up and always longed for a family that she felt loved by. She missed out on an average childhood because her guardian which was also her aunt, would send her to houses to clean for money, which she kept. When my grandma was eighteen years old she had a crush on my grandpa who…


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Remembering not to rush through life

This semester marks my first year as a senior in college. When the semester started I had already started envisioning what my life would be like by the end of the year. I wanted to for sure be living on my own and having a different job. The thing is, now I am realizing that I should not put that pressure on myself just yet. This is because although moving out would prove my abilities as an independent adult to myself and others it is not the pressure that I think I should be looking for…


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You Are The Creator of Your Destiny

"Infuse your life with action. Don't wait for it to happen. Make it happen. Make your own future. Make your own hope. Make your own love. And whatever your beliefs, honor your creator, not by passively waiting for grace to come down from upon high, but by doing what you can to make grace happen... yourself, right now, right down here on Earth."

Bradley Whitford


I read this quote earlier today and I really liked it because it points out the fact that we are creators of…


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A Couple Of Thoughts On Body Image

    This past December I started taking my health seriously. I got frightened because my knees were always popping and I did not see that as a good sign. Besides this, I also was losing a lot of weight and it made people make remarks on my health that were not very kind. It is never alright to make rude remarks on people's body type. I am naturally thin and I grew up always being called, 'flaca' and a lot of older, other chicanos, males and females would make remarks as to why I was "too"…


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Time Management

Hello Ladies! I just thought that I would share with you all a bit of advice. Something that I did not learn until college was effective time management skills. When I started college I was at the time pledging for a sorority as well as working and keeping my grades up by studying. Oftentimes I would face my friends or family making me feel disappointed in myself because I was not spending the time with them that I would have liked to. What comes along with a lot of responsibility from work…


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Keeping Good Company

         When I was in high school I was unsure of what I wanted to do with my life and which college I would attend. All I knew was that I had to start somewhere. I was not very involved in high school or any clubs that they offered but I always made sure to keep my grades up. What I was doing, which was not much was still a lot more than what my peers at the time were doing. For the most part most of my friends at the time were not interested in attending college and they were not used to…


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