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Granfather don't cry, change is all around us

As we close poetry month, I decided to do it with a bang. Yearly, the Spanish club at our school hosts a poetry reading from any language you may choose, but the method it's been done is so boring that I decided to spice things up a bit. If you know any other language than ENG you will be asked to join. No way around that. I did a Native American poem title, "Please don't cry grandfather" by Charles Phillip Whitedog, a Native American. I CAN say that as soon as I…


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Suspended? YOLO

A Texas boy was suspended after taking a photo of a standardize test. It was what was written in place of the mandatory essay that got him into trouble.

He wrote, "I don't need to study for this TAKS test craziness. YOLO :)" and tweeting it to the Texas Education Agency. The district officials were none to happy about this so they suspended him!

I realize that…


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Latinos in California

I wish I had something as politically charged as other women on here have written.

Lately, because I am almost done with school, I am overwhelmed to finish already. I've become impatient.

I want to leave, I'm getting antsy.

Perhaps because I plan on taking my mother to CA in August, just her and I, I want to become weak and just not do a thing.

The thing is that she's never been on a plane, but she told me once that she'd like to feel the rumbling of the wheels,…


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Giving a little means the a lot more than you think

Ever been volunteering?

Ever volunteered on the condition that you did it on your own?


Project Share is a local volunteer service that gets volunteers to distrubute food for people in the area who may not have enough food to eat.

I've been on their side of the line before. I would go to these places with my mom, standing in these lines for…


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What is she now?

She is a woman

with a child like mind

She wants to know what happened when that man entered

He carried a large belt in one hand as the other was red

He stomped his way in, not caring about what he smothered

She cries in utter desperation, “No! Not now, please. I beg you!”…


Added by April C. Davila on April 16, 2013 at 12:30pm — 3 Comments

I can wait, I CAN wait for summer, please?

This past weekend was a blast.

My friends kidnapped me and took me to Chesepeake Bay in Maryland. I think my friends enjoyed the nice weather as well. We spent the day window shopping and taking photos in front of every monument in sight. I'm sure people were thinking we were tourists, but it was fun!

I come from a big city, but knowing these sorts of oppurtunities are available, like travel, because I came to college, is infinitely the best decesion I ever made. I can see that…


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Today is happy siblings day.


I don't know how to give thanks to all 13 brothers and sisters I have.


There are 7 guys and 7 girls, with myself. That makes a family of 14.

No, we aren't a soccer team. Though there are enough siblings to create one.

Oh, and i love my mom!…


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Calidonia and other things that make my neck sore

This weekend was a blast. My friends willingly took me to a famous place called Caladonia. Calodonia is a state park in Pennsylvania.

Oh my joy, so much green out there. I was not prepared to go exercising that is for sure. My friends Aly, Nadja, and Anna pulled a fast one on me when they began to run towards the open clearing. Besides so much grass everywhere, I really enjoyed viewing the landscape. The hills are breathtaking, the streams were cold. I was too afraid to dabble my feet…


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To Oppurtunity to Meet Linda Stein

Yesterday evening our institution had the oppurtunity to meet artist/female activist, Linda Stein.

She is more known for her perculiar sculptures that depict a woman's torso that are shaped like that of a knight.

Some of the sculptures are adorned with the most powerful super hero of all: Wonder Woman.

I know many of you may feel that Wonder Woman is a sexually clad woman in a bathing suit. NO, clearly Linda's talks of WW as the super hero who makes  "The Fluidity of…


Added by April C. Davila on April 4, 2013 at 11:30am — No Comments

The American Life: Through the eyes of a Native American culture.

A clear defenition of a normal American life is hard to condense into one sentence. What is normal? Who is American?

My mother's take on American life is so much different than what the media portrays. I recall as a young girl my mother telling me, "When I came to…


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Times are a Changing

The following blog title is none other than my favorite singers, Sam Cooke. I start my incredible journey as a virtual intern specifically today. I am not ready for the challenges ahead, but I suppose if I could just pretend that I am, then surely it won't be long until I am seeing the ending of my journey.

Speaking of college journeys, my college, Wilson College will…


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