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Women of a thousand faces

I sit down at this table

eating nothing, thinking too much.

It's so hard being an adult.

Everyone's old talk about post graduates struggling to find that one job to sustain them became all the more real.

Just this past month and the months before I've been on a hunt for a job that suits me, something that allows me to pay off my monthly loans and do the entire writing thing on the side, but I must admit now, that the struggle is real.

A recent report has…


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Victoria's Secret? A dead baby being lugged around store

A dead fetus was found in the Victoria's Secret bag of Hispanic girl, Tiona Rodriguez,  17 as she allegedly stole from the store. Security stopped her upon realizing that a foul odor came from the bags she was holding.

After looking for stolen goods he found a dead baby boy in the bag. According to a primary source, she miscarried at six months and…


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So I haven't been on here lately.

I moved out of Texas and decided that California was right for me.

I love it all. The palm trees, the good looking people and most especially my cousins for making me feel as though I were a part of their family from the start.

The thing is...well, don't get me wrong. i love them all sincerely, but I noticed that all their family time is spent at one of the three cousin's house fixin' grub and chowing down.

I don't hate those…


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Deciphering Lyrics

We've all been there. We're guests of our abuelas, tias, tios, sister or brothers friend's party.

Some of show enthusiam with head bopping and shake hipping moves. We are letting free and by golly I am one to Shakira's "my hips don't lie" all in the name of not being called a prude.

You even begin to sing to the countless top 40 music blaring out the speakers, when suddenly you realize what it is that you are actually singing. 

"Cheers to the freakin' weekend...don't let…


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