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i am NOT my hoops, my hoops are NOT me


I never thought a piece of jewelry would come to define me, but it has

And they do.

I love hoops and I can honestly say that hooking hoops on my ears is the one source of confidence I’ve managed to gain as I come to realize that without them, my outfit, my SELF feels as though it is lacking. It lacks a culture representation that Latina's hold. I've come to realize that without them on my outfit is plain. Nothing feels as good as feeling ready to take on the world,…


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Can I re-connect

I've been away for what seems so long.

The last post makes me so sad to read. I was so frazzled, even reading the post reminded me that I was trying to keep things calm, but boy was I shaking. My bf, whom I cared deeply was troubled that I was heading back home. Mind you, I understand that his mother was dying, I KNEW she was. There were too many nights were she was intoxicated with prescriptions and couldn't keep her head up straight, literally. She was a mess.

I loved…


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Leaving States is Like Leaving an Old Life Behind

So I moved back to my homestate. It was a bitter sweet move, as when I left CA, I left behind what I thought was my forever life.

I left an SO who was madly in love with me, left his mother who was a prescription pill popper, a younger brother who dropped out of school, an older sister who happened to be addicted to meth.

It's been an intense last year as I have been using the time to take care of myself. I'm off anti depressants, found lifting as a way to cope and have…


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Target Rebranding their image to Include Genderless boy/girl Set up

Target is moving in a different direction in featuring their toys for children. In a press release on their website, beginning on the 7th of August they state that their toys will no longer limit to one gender and instead advertised as "kids" as a way for customers better roam through the store.Target writes, "reference to gender, including the use of pink, blue, yellow or green paper on the back walls of our shelves,"as a better method to stop gender boundaries,  but will this mean an…


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Menopause Makes Women Mad?

I never imagined id be one to write about menopausal mothers, as I would blindly like to forget that my mother has passed through this stage in her life.

My boyfriends’ family is going through what seems like the most difficult time with their mother and her erratic behavior. I am sure it is both her repetitive child like behavior that’s slowly making them feel  as though they are losing their mind. In the 2 years that…


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Wasting time or making up for lost time, it feels like things are changing, uncluding myself

At the age of 3 I remember sitting on the sofa and reading the Houston Chronicle, stopping mid-sentence in an effort to pronounce a difficult word down to a tee. No one ever taught me to read, I am sure being an introvert helped me amazingly enough though. Since then, I could remember writing, “April daviLa in slightly tilted letters. My penmanship might have been a little jumpy, but I realized that the sounds of these letters could make people listen. Of course, there was a bit of a knack…


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Am I weird or am i strange?

 Eccentric behavior is a type of personality to turn heads in both awe and sickness. Today, it seems, it is a trait girls are often pushed into and engraved as anormal  type of behavior that  should and essentially encompass the type of love that  guys yearn for in girls.. This feeling of both needing and later attaining this gets old. Eccentricity is a relationship that is too much of a fight with oneself. As with oneself, the self, the ego always means.…


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I am a grown up

In the 1960s, women were married by 23 had kids in…


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Please, don't do things for attention

Just ranting...

Romanticizing mental illnesses, anorexia, abusive relationships, seriously, what is up with that? Suicide is not beautiful, scars are not pretty, mental disorders really aren't that special, in fact, they are more of a hassle to maintain. Being a "weirdo" seems now is a way for the younger crowd to generate some sort of status, "I'm pretty, I think, but I am broken in the inside and therefore everyone should be trying to get to know me and my…


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The Sudden Realization that I am Unable to Read

Or so it seems...Girls, it is wonderful the magic the way letters come together to form words to create sentences that make up a story, be it fiction or not. The point is that as of late, I have not been able to fully concentrate on a single word. This isn't…


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Bruce Jenner is a woman and a man.

I guess you all where glued to your T.V sets last night.

I was and let me tell you that I was glued to the set.

Is being transgendered common in a certain race group, do you think?

I knew of a guy, a few years after I graduated high school who identified as female.

Did anyone else catch the clip?

Thoughts, more questions???

Added by April C. Davila on April 25, 2015 at 1:25pm — 2 Comments

Recovered, but Back to Square One





She wants to know what happened when that man entered

He carried a large belt in one hand as the other was red…


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Adult, teen, child, newborn-I want one, one day.

During our era when Angelina Jolie and Madonna make it seem so easy in adopting a child from Africa and certain parts of Asia, someone in America may feel that they should do the same.  From an ethics standpoint, a load of cash cannot determine a families formation if given to adoption personnel. On the one hand one must remember that it is here in the United States where the highest number of children in foster care, runaways and poverty stricken kids…


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Use in this order: Knife, Fork and 'Excuse me'

For many Americans, generously displaying table manners is probably the least of their worries. They have their education at the forefront of their waking lives, it is college after all. If they are hungry they come to the dining hall to eat be it from hunger, stress or even both. International students and some Wilson College students are never fully prepared to what…


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Telling me to smile is like telling you to close your mouth...while talking

Please don’t tell me to smile.

Please, don’t tell me to smile.

Just don’t tell me to smile.

I say, “Tell me” on the basis that most men don’t ask. They disrespectfully tell me to do so as though they control what is going on in my head.

That is beside the point though.

Perhaps, I am alone in this city and am too busy listening to the running commentary in my head to give you a wholehearted smile.

Maybe I am lonely and don’t see your face as…


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Letter to my 8 yr. self

I see you. I see that you are hurting.

I’m sorry I didn’t better equip you with a stronger voice to tell others that you hurt.

You were taken advantage, but I am here to tell you, “it wasn’t your fault.”

You know this even as a young girl. You know this even though you are a prepubescent girl. You feel like you take too much space, the fact that you ate too much, felt confused over those nights and the possibility that things just never go as they plan i.e. guys,…


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NASA probes space sounds

Ever think that there is life in outer space?

Deep down, I think I've always figured we couldn't be the only living creatures floating in this galaxy.

The endless possibilities of life in space, is beyond what is depicted in cinema.

Get this, NASA's Voyager picked up many sounds in outer space, it is as followed:


The electro magnetic waves heard in…


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Let me be content

Keep searching and asking, then acting. Don't think on the purpose too much and you'll find meaning.

EVEN if meaning, to you, goes beyond school intellect or a stationary, habitual work ethic. The road to finding yourself is a journey.

Before you know it, you'll be so consumed with you that he/she will be that blurry dot in your life.

That dot that was a speck.

That speck that  became a blob.

That blob that  became a figure.…


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Take your headphones off

Based on my understanding of music and its effects  is that it speaks to anyone in its own manner. This is probably the reason many of us choose to single ourselves out, unknowingly of course, by putting those ear buds/phones, or phones in our ears.

It's like every one of us wants to channel our feelings within our song, by our lonesome selves. This can be done while waiting for a bus and letting our eyes wander to the others who may want to sit on the bench, but you are too stubborn,…


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Modern day feminist

I just spent the last hour notating FB posts that young girls put on their feed as a means of laughter or seriousness and they all have in common the fact that they learn from each other and therefore perpetuate a cycle of not knowing the seriousness of who may watch them.

For example, posts of Rihanna and her now ex-boyfriend, Chris Brown, giving the message that if you say long enough or endure the "ups and downs of a relationship" you too can conquer their partners demons and…


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