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Jack in the Crack commercials

Is anyone else offended by the Jack in the Box commerical as of lately?

Or maybe I am a sensitive feminist?

THIS kind of garbage we show to our young generation?

It starts with two girls chillin in their bedroom discussing a photo of "it being big."

"How big?" "real big"

Then it shorcuts to Jack telling guy friend to tell…


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Oh Florida.

Is it me or does anyone else think that Florida is jacked up.

First it was with Casey Anthony and now well, Zimmerman. Maybe Florida is getting a bad rap as the bad state of the country. Truth be said, in these cases it was obvious of the public were justice wasn't served.

I wish things like this didn't happen, but they do people.

If a murder like this happened in Texas, you'd be sure to find Zimmerman a guilty man. The Casey Anthony story was another disgrace. Sadly,…


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College Perks and Then Some

I thought once college was done you'd get a job and live life.

oh boy, REAL LIFE is not at all what its cracked up to be. AT ALL.

Cynthia Amaya wrote an article pertaining to the good news of a college education. I love the ambitious positive vibe about the article. However, it left me feeling desolated. Like, geez, I did that. I went to college. I wrote long hours, I did the requirements and look at me.

I have  no job. NO car. basically no life.

I need friends,…


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Costa Rica accidently approves gay marriage.

Recent surveys show that most people in Costa Rica oppose gay marriage, yet, the bill passed under the noses of the lawmakers.

I stay neutral on this subject because any comment can turn into a war zone.

With that said, I want to know, how the potential of gay marriage spread to Costa Rica, maybe I am too sheltered or something, but the US is just incrementing laws to protect gays and lesbians and the like with the push of the marriage bill.

I don't know. I have a friend…


Added by April C. Davila on July 4, 2013 at 11:33am — 2 Comments

I am beautiful because...


To be honest, I was a little dissapointed that not many girls participated in this.

I wish many more did. I love the girls that decided to help me out. Still, maybe I could of done things differently. Like go up to several girls and ASK them straight out what makes…


Added by April C. Davila on July 2, 2013 at 11:00am — 1 Comment

Citi Bikes aren't just for City people, Right?

This morning in the New York Times, there was an article about Citi Bikes were in. People were actually looking forward to the bike sharing program for personal reasons. Still, there's a slight hesitation from me. If a bike program exists for a city as big as NY why could there not be such a thing for Houston. If we really are the 4th "fattest"city, why not us?


I am sure we can benefit from it greatly. In this city, residents complain that bikers are not given the…


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Jennifer Lopez starring in Chilean miner movie?!

  The Hollywood Reporter confirmed this morning that Jennifer Lopez, best known for her role as Selena, will act with Antonio Banderas in a movie titled 33. 33 is a depiction of the miners who were stuck underground for a gruesome number of days. I'm not trying to "hate," but last time I saw a good JLo movie was when she played Selena. Remind me again how long ago was…


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NO makeup, please?

I wish more girls would embrace their natural beauty.

Then again, I understand that the media is a bigger influence on their every day beauty routine. I only say this because I saw several 10 year old girls wearing tons of makeup. Sure, they were a part of a dance folklorico, it just made it seem strange. It was like looking at miniature adults. This also made me think of the recent Beyonce photo alterations by Roberto Cavalli, would make any young girl feel awkward.

I was sure…


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Grads, listen up!

So this past Sunday, my family got together to celebrate the yearly milestone. My youngest sister Nina, graduated. This means that there will be no more "Davila's" to enter Davis high school. You can cheer staff and teachers!

ha. It was great seeing the baby of the family graduating, but with no sad feelings of course!

It was a great afternoon. She was sorrounded by friends and family.

She told us later that she thought NO ONE would show up. Commmme onnnn. We love you…


Added by April C. Davila on June 11, 2013 at 4:45am — No Comments

What do you think?

I have more to say about this video, but first let me digest what I watched!

Added by April C. Davila on June 3, 2013 at 5:12am — No Comments

Read, think, write

I've read a lot of online blog posts. Most of them incorporate feminist thought and woman power.

I remember as a young girl questioning everything on television, as the online blogs post up. Now that I am older I am able to voice my opinion even through my thoughts written by computer on sites like Latinitas, in blogs.

It's truly fascinating, it really is. The assumption that girls do read and take in what they read is spot on. I just want to be another young lady who inspires…


Added by April C. Davila on June 2, 2013 at 7:26pm — No Comments

The interviewing process

I miss the feeling of personally interviewing people.

I love communicating through phone as that is the closest I'll get to "feeling" the other person's feelings. Still, I can recall the rush I felt as I made my way down the stairs of my college, or the imprints in the dirt as I rushed to my next joint, where there were multiple personalities to be interviewed!

Good thing, I live near a high school. I will be able to do the same for the last month of Latinitas…


Added by April C. Davila on May 31, 2013 at 2:52pm — No Comments

Americans too lazy for microwave popcorn?

America, we've hit a new low!

According to Advertising Age, they explain, "

“Microwave popcorn at its inception was all about convenience, having only to wait three minutes to get warm, delicious popcorn,” said Colleen Bailey, Orville [Redenbacher]'s brand director. But “as times have changed, the definition of convenience has changed.”

“You don't have to take the extra step of opening the box, opening the wrapper,” and “hoping you have the skill to watch it…


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A Day in the Life of a Graduate

So it's been eight days since I graduated from college. It feels like an eternity. This is because I have no job at the moment. In the last four days that I sleep so much, perhaps my body is recovering from the lack of sleep I have endured in the months previous to graduation. Oh! But let me tell you that the sleeping is going to extremes. I think I may be sleeping too much!

Can that really be?

I do note that my exercise routine is on hiatus at the moment. The one thing that…


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It's Not Goodbye, It's I'll See You Later

It's been two days since I graduated and I feel better than last times post.

It could be because I am still in my internship stages. I love interning with Latinitas, very much so. I love the whole communication process even if it is through email or social networks.

As sad as I was about leaving the students that I tutored, I am sure I left them a strong and positive impression of our relationship. Their attempts to read to me and complete their homework show me so much of…


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The end of school is here! Graduation today!

I've come to the sudden realization that I do not want to leave Pennsylvania. This is because I met friends whom I love. Who like me for me and likewise.

I don't want to panic, but I am. I don't want to come home and "start all over again" with making friends. It took two years to make the friends that I did. I know, I know, "I can meet friends anywhere I go," it was just so hard for me to become vulnereable. I don't want to go through that for another set of people.

It's not…


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Riding a horse is like riding a bike

Just kidding, riding a horse is not at all like riding a bike. I went out with my friend Aly to York, PA to ride on a horse for the very first time.

Horses can be so therapeutic as I found out Saturday night. Instead of getting ready for finals I decided to go with my friend to her hometown. I figured I would have fun as I been working on a 30 page final for the last 2 1/2 weeks.

I know I will regret it coming tomorrow morning. Whatever the case, I went and I had such a…


Added by April C. Davila on May 12, 2013 at 5:55pm — 1 Comment

Tutoring English as a second language students.

These are my ESL students I tutor for at Wilson College. Irvin and Lizbeth. It's amazing how much they loved to see their rocks like I promised them. Irvin and Lizbeth gave me the biggests smiles ever.I love coming to class to help them read in English, although I tend to find it really difficult that neither can write or pronounce letters yet. It's too bad I found about this…


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The Labyrinth Project

This weekend is better, for lack of a better word, even though the amount of work left to do seems almost insurmountable. (I have a 30 page paper due by tomorrow evening and I only have five pages complete.) Gosh darnit, I needed a break. So, I was pretty glad that yesterday was Wilson Colleges' first annual Labyrinth Project.

For those of you who may not know, a labyrinth is like a maze, but unlike a maze it is designed to help you find yourself. So, when the oppurtunity to walk…


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Granfather don't cry, change is all around us

As we close poetry month, I decided to do it with a bang. Yearly, the Spanish club at our school hosts a poetry reading from any language you may choose, but the method it's been done is so boring that I decided to spice things up a bit. If you know any other language than ENG you will be asked to join. No way around that. I did a Native American poem title, "Please don't cry grandfather" by Charles Phillip Whitedog, a Native American. I CAN say that as soon as I…


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