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American enough to Celebrate 4th of July?

I was checking my email when I saw that a professor from A&M wrote this piece on the NY Times.

Patriotism and Ambivalence

Rogelio Saenz

Rogelio Saenz is a professor of Sociology at Texas A&M University. He is the author of “Latinas/os in the United…


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FIFA World Cup 2010

I don't know how many of you follow soccer. I know that in

my family soccer is a HUGE deal, especially every four years when the World Cup

comes around. My fondest memories are staying up late or waking up super early

just to watch Mexico play. My mom would buy coffee ice cream or popsicles

sticks so we could make it awake for the game. My sister always wears the

Mexico Jersey and my dad always screams at the players. I love soccer! My dad

used to play soccer until… Continue

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Graduation plus Stress

Hola Latinitas!

I have a sister that is graduating from high school next week and she is super nervous and stressed out. I don't know what advise to give her so she can calm down! What do you girls do to get rid of stress? Or if you graduated from high school or graduating what advise I can give her? I guess she feels like I am too old to understand but I was in that situation and I was the first one to go to college in my family, so she has me to help her out. If you have any tips or… Continue

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Living in a Virtual World: Farmville Edition

With this whole talk about how now we live virtually blah blah bleh bleh I thought that I should talk to you more about Farmville. So it's pretty cool because now I have all these neighboors and they are from Latinitas! :) This is what we talk about in the office and it's really nice because we help each other out :) Like Roxy and I are planning a wedding (on Farmville) and we have to decorate it with red tulips so we have to seed and harvest in 3 days. We work as a team to grow these :) It's… Continue

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Immigration 101: Immigration Reform

I don't know how many of us know what reform immigration is and why it is needed. Maybe you saw the marches all around the country March 21st but don't know what these immigrants are looking for. Watch this video: Tony & Janina

The family is the basic unit of our society, and immigrants who have the support of strong families are more likely to contribute to society, pay taxes,…


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Living in a Virtual World: Farmville

Farmville is a facebook application in where you can create your own farm. What is an application and where can I get one? If you sign up onto facebook you will see a lot of invitations to join yoville, mafia wars, sorority life, aquarium life etc. All these neat applications where created by

Zynga. I was fed up with all the invitations to all the applications and even blocked a lot of my friends that kept sending me invitations. That all changed one… Continue

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Living in a Virtual World: Social Networking

Social Networking has become very important in today’s world. I went to this seminar in where they were showing people how to use face book, twitter and myspace. It was so funny to see how older people are getting into it. It’s a great way to meet new people and reconnect with old friends. This social media phenomenon is fun and I personally started when I was a junior in high school. Today I went online and did my research on the TOP 10 Social Networks for 2009 and 2010 and this years ranking… Continue

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Living in a Virtual World: Hypnotized

How much time do you spend in front of your computer screen? About how many times do you check your cell phone? I have a theory that I am hypnotized by my phone and computer. I mean sometimes I am sleeping and I guess I feel my phone vibrating and I open the texts. I guess auto mode texts back because I don't remember texting. When I wake up I see that I've been having conversations while I sleep! Also at work today I was telling Veronica and Gloria how I get lost in the computer while I am… Continue

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Living in a Virtual World: Life before the Internet

I think to myself, what was life like before the internet? I got my first computer when I was in 7th grade and I begged my parents to get AOL. My best friend Lynette had internet at her house and every morning I would walk to her house to get a ride to school. She would let me in and she would log on to her computer and I would hear "You got mail!" I wanted that! My parents go us a computer for Christmas with AOL and I would email and IM Lynette every day after school. That was the thing,… Continue

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Immigration 101: How did I end up here?

Are you grateful to live in the United States of America? In where our parents work hard so we can have food in the table and reach our goals and dreams? I know I am very grateful that my parents were so brave to cross over and provide better opportunities for my sister and I. Of course like many immigrants my parents were undocumented and had to cross over illegally. But tell me what is the legal way to cross? (When you live in poverty and you live in a…


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Living in a Virtual World and Immigration 101

Everyone knows I am not a regular blogger. Yes I enjoy reading everyone else’s blogs and posting comments but I don’t really see my self as a “blogger”. I quote Rihanna’s

Hard “Where them bloggers girls at Where them bloggers girls at Where they

at, where they at, where they at”
certainly not here, well so I thought somehow I got



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The illegals?!

Have you ever received forwards or text that say:

You know your Mexican if

*You have ever been hit by a chacla

*You grew up scared of el cucuy

*Others tell you to stop screaming when you are really just talking

*You constantly refer to cereal as con fleis

*You call your sneakers tenees

*You have at least 30 cousins

*You can’t imagine not liking spicy food

*You are in a 5 passenger car with 7 people and a person… Continue

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The #1 Youth Killer in America

Today as I was going through my email I came across these Teen Statistics.

Car crashes are the #1 killer of youth in America, with an annual toll of more than 6,000 teenage fatalities, 400,000 teen injuries and a national economic cost of over $40 billion.

Why do you think the numbers are so high? Irresponsibility? What can we do about it? Raise the age to get a drivers license to 21?

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Give a Day, Get a Disney Day

Have you seen the Disney commercial? I saw it last night on prime TV the Give a Day, Get a Disney Day commercial . I went on youtube to see what it was about and found this clip on what they have been working on in 5 big cities:

The jist of it is that if you volunteer at a participating organization then Disney is going to give you a free Disney pass. Pretty cool right? It's real! If you would like to get more info here's a… Continue

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Menudo vs. Pozole

Menudo vs Pozole Have you ever tried Menudo? If your family is from northern Mexico you probably have tried Menudo. You know, hominy, with the lining of a cows stomach, mixed with chile rojo , some oregano and cebolla? Usually with a bolillo or francesito on the side (white bread) Looks good right?

Close up:

BUT, I just found out of this other way to eat hominy called pozole. It looks like this:… Continue

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Say NO to Procrastination

When I look back at my high school years, it seems so long ago! I can't remember what life was like before and how I wished someone could have given me advice. I have a sister who is a senior in high school right now and when I talk to her about school life there is where I remember what I should have done to make it better. I still had fun but I think there could have been things I would have done differently.

First, Get more involved: If you stay involved in extracurricular… Continue

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