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Q&A with Professional Photographer

Photography when you pull the word apart means writing (ography) with the light (photo.) Luis Rodriguez is a photographer who firmly believes his photos tell a story through the eyes of his lens. His first love was film but he became passionate about still photography when he picked up his first film Canon Rebel.

How did you become interested in photography?

Photography started as a hobby. I went to school for filming. Photography is a lot like film-making except your working… Continue

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Beauty Tips from Professional Latina make-up artist

According to Mia Mariú professional make-up artist, Christina Ozaeta, most Latinas are wearing the wrong shade of make-up. Mia Mariú is one of few make-up lines designed specifically for Latina women who have largely been ignored by the beauty and health sector. While most make-up is designed specifically for women of lighter shades, make-up for women of darker shades are usually made for African-American women. Latinas, the in-between shade, have… Continue

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Congratulations to Miss Mexico Universe

On Monday night, Mexico's 22 year old Jimena Navarette was chosen as the next Miss Universe out of a pool of more than 80 women. Crowned by Miss Universe 2009 winner Stephania Fernandez, Navarette is only the second Miss Mexico to win the

title of Miss Universe. A nutrition student from Guadelajara, this Mexican beauty was all about family values when asked her final question of the night:

"I do… Continue

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Culture Shock!

Culture shock happens when you're put into a new environment, one in which you are not familiar with one in which you may not be too comfortable with. For many, the first time they truly feel the rush of emotions that comes with culture shock is when they leave home for college. Students often feel anxious about meeting so many new and different people, sad that they're away from their family and friends from home, and scared to be in a new city that could sometimes seem like a totally… Continue

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MAC's "Juarez" line not so pretty

Juarez. It's a city that suffers from a violent and wide spread drug war. It's a city where most live in poverty as the average hourly wage is less than two dollars. It's a city home to a great femicide of which hundreds of girls are raped and killed every year. It's not a city that should be demeaned into a cosmetic line that minimizes the suffering of many.

According to MAC and Rodarte cosmetic line creators, "Juarez" was inspired by the beauty and struggles of women… Continue

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Youth risks all for Dream Act

There is a new civil rights movement taking over. The leaders of this movement, though, are not professionals, politicians, or adults. The leaders of this movement are not even American citizens. Undocumented immigrant youth are leading huge protests and demonstrations for the DREAM act that will promise them the right to an education.

Undocumented youth are risking it all to publicly fight for equal opportunities, to tell their stories, and to give a face to an issue that affects… Continue

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Essence makes statement by hiring white woman

The editor of Essence Magazine shocked the fashion industry and the black community this summer by hiring the magazine’s first white fashion director, Elliana Placas. Essence magazine, which has been celebrating black women for the last 40 years, serves as an important publication for black fashion and culture. I understand the public’s concern on whether a white woman could have the same connection with her predominantly black community, tackling on the issues and concerns important to the… Continue

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Denying birthright citizenship is denying American values

The immigration debate continues as Sen. Lindsey Graham recently announced that he may introduce a constitutional amendment that would put an end to birthright citizenship. The 14th Amendment grants citizenship to the children born of immigrant parents in the United States. Supporters of this change argue that illegal immigrants take advantage of Birthright citizenship by using it as a means to gain free benefits and entitlements. According to Sen. Graham, birthright citizenship “attracts… Continue

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Q and A: Getting involved and getting the scholarships you need!

Elizabeth Justice, Assistant Vice President Office of Scholarships at UTEP, gave Latinitas the scoop on how to get involved with your community, how to get land the scholarships you need and the importance of Latinas going…


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Top 25 Schools for Hispanics

Every year, Hispanic Online Magazine researches the nation’s most prestigious colleges and universities to select the best institutions for Hispanic students to attend.

Visit this link to find out which colleges made the cut:…


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The end of the World Cup= the end of soccer for the next four years??

World Cup ended this Sunday with Spain coming out on top. Now that World Cup 2010 is over and done with, does this mean that we’re done talking about soccer for the next four years?

Soccer, known as the global sport, serves as a common language bringing together nations and different cultures from around the world. The World Cup is a time when we can put aside our differences for the sake of the game. It’s the biggest sport in…


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Body Image/Health Myths and Facts

Girls have always felt pressured to look their best. The fact is that women’s magazines are 10 times more likely to feature diet plans than men’s magazines. With the amount of media pressuring women to lose weight and look like a photoshopped 6 foot, 100 pound model, it’s no wonder many girls deal with body image issues. Self-esteem is all about feeling good about yourself. It’s hard for teens to keep a positive image of themselves with all the changes they are going through…


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A look back to the fashion trends of the last decade

The first decade of the millennia is soon to be over. In the last ten years, we have gone through Katrina, 911, the Internet craze. We recently witnessed the election of…


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Measuring patriotism with fireworks and American flags??

Fourth of July is almost here, which means it’s almost time to take a day to really appreciate and take pride in our country, our soldiers, and most of all, our freedom with fireworks, barbeques, and family: things that truly show our patriotic side… right???

Men’s Health Magazine made a list of the 100 Most Unpatriotic U.S. Cities and named El Paso, my hometown, the 99th most unpatriotic city in America. The factors that contributed to this list included the percentage of registered… Continue

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Girls Dominating College

As I’m sitting in my freshman writing class, I look to my left to see two girls sitting beside me. I then look to other side to see another girl sitting at my right side. I look back to see that I’m surrounded by girls! Women are going to college in ever-greater numbers, shifting the male-female ratio from women being the minority at colleges in the 1970’s to women making up more than 54% of young adults enrolled in college. According to the U.S. Census Bureau’s 2005 Population Survey, about… Continue

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No cell phone, no Facebook, no Myspace.. Oh my!

Staying connected seems to be the phrase of our generation. Whether it’s through text messaging, Myspace comments or Facebook chat, it is easier than ever to “stay connected.” With a click of a button you can communicate with family, long-distance friends, co-workers and boyfriends/girlfriends without any actual face to face contact with them (unless you’re on Skype, which is the closest to real life face to face contact with someone without actually being in the same room or city or state or… Continue

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Taking Things into Your Own Hands

While many teenagers will choose to spend their summer by the pool or in front of the couch, others are spending their time making a difference in their communities and gaining valuable experience. Volunteering is a great way for teens to learn new skills, meet new people, expand their academic and professional resume and get involved. Not only will you gain from volunteering but you can make a huge difference in your community.

Gandhi’s famous quote, “Be the change you want to see… Continue

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Is interracial dating dangerous to maintaining one's culture?

Interracial dating may have been a new idea to our grandparents, but today is nowhere near unheard of by our generation. I was just reading an article the other day stating that more than ever of dating Latinas are in interracial relationships with non-Latino men. With the increase of interracial couples, it’s not surprising that more than half of young Americans are multicultural themselves. For me our generation’s willingness to accept interracial relationships mirrors the progress that we… Continue

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Curse of the Lottery

We are all guilty of having daydreamed about what we would do if we hit the jackpot one day and won the lottery. I know I have pictured myself taking my friends and family off on a vacation of a lifetime to some exotic country if I ever came across winning the lottery. We say to ourselves, “One day if I ever win the lottery I would… drive around in a limo or give to a charity or buy myself a huge house with a swimming pool.”

We look at the winners of the Texas Jackpot and other major… Continue

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New definition of being Latina

Latinas come in all shapes and sizes. Some are light skinned and have blue eyes and others are Morenas with brown eyes. Some speak Spanish better than they do English and some hardly even know Spanish. And although every Latina is different from the next, one thing about Latinas remains true: most Latinas are proud of their heritage.

In today’s America where more couples than ever are interracial and many young kids are multi-cultural, it is becoming harder to define what being… Continue

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