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The end of a wonderful semester with YEAB (Youth Editorial Advisory Board)!

As the final deadlines come around for this wonderful program, I feel very emotional for what I'm leaving behind as I become an alum of this amazing program! With this program, I was able to write two articles about latinas in the film industry and really influence younger latinas to get into the film world. I am truly honored to have been selected as a writer and have been able to be part of this great magazine. It's truly incredible to see other latinas that are passionate about their…


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So, a couple weeks ago, as I am about to head to bed (it's almost 1am) - I see that many facebook friends posting photos of their siblings and how great they are - because it's Sibling's Day (or was Siblings Day). So I decided to post two photos with both my brothers, Salvadore and Joey. Salvadore looks like the typical high school kid that…


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Ideas/Tips when working for a small film crew!

I am an independent filmmaker and I often find myself with a very small crew of 5 to 10 people

when I'm working on a project. At first, it seems like the perfect amount of people to work with

as you have a lot of space and more freedom to choose certain things. But you are then limited

to many film techniques and tricks that major motion picture crews can do with a crew of 100+


If you are struggling with these problems - check out this…


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Check out this INSANE B-Girl!! :D

Happy Monday Everyone!!

Check out this awesome baby battle between a young

boy and a SIX YEAR OLD B-Girl!! This girl is so amazing - so

you gotta see the entire video to see all of her crazy moves and that

sassy attitude!! :D

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Are you a latina filmmaker? Aspiring or Professional?

Well, then JOIN THIS AMAZING GROUP (Latina Filmmakers UNITE!) 

I made this group to bring in all filmmakers here on Latinita's and discuss our ideas/goals, contests and different programs and of course, FILMS!

I really hope to find a lot of amazing filmmaker here so please JOIN and…


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Hi Everyone!!

If you are a high school student and are interested in Dance, Acting, Animation, Film, Art, and Photography - there is an amazing month long program called CSSSA (California State Summer School of the Arts) which is at the CalArts (California Institute of the Arts) Campus, and…


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Do you want advice on entering Film School as a Latina?

Hey Everyone!!

As one of the very few latinas in my film department at California Institute of the Arts, I want to help more Latinas get into the film world and become amazing filmmakers!! I am already helping several girls apply to my school and other great film schools - and I wanted to see if any of you lovely ladies also need some advice or help when it comes to portfolios or making a personal statement!!

As a High School…


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