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'Little Boy' movie directed by Mexican actor. Go support Latinos in film!

There is a new movie showing in theatres: an English-language film entitled 'Little Boy' that tells the story of an 8 year old boy willing to do anything to bring his father home from World War II. You can watch the official trailer here

Eduardo Verástegui, a Mexican actor and model, produced and directed the film. Born in Tamaulipas, Mexico, Eduardo was a famous Meixcan telenovela actor before moving…


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Saturday was the Code Chica gaming and coding event in Austin, Texas. We got together a large group of girls to learn about envisioning and producing creative games. Joining us were Latinitas supporters, including Facebook, who discussed with the girls their own paths to success in the technological world. 

The girls all imagined and created their own video game characters and designed looks and storylines for them. Then, they used technology to bring their ideas to life on the…


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This post is a bit late as everyone has been busy with SXSW [Austin, Texas arts festival] and the Women's History Blogathon but I want to take a moment to celebrate the success of Latinitas. 

Last week the Latinitas co-founders [Laura Donnelly and Alicia Rascon] flew to Miami to attend the award ceremony for their nomination for the Positive Impact Award of Hispanicize 2015. The candidates were many, and all doing important work to advance Hispanics in USA, but Latinitas took…


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If I were the first female president...

What an intimidating question!

There are sooo many important ways to address this, but I will keep it brief and focus on issues that are particularly close to my heart. 

If I were first female president I would work hard to ensure that not only are women in the USA treated with respect and diginity but that our sisters in other countries are as well. 

Reality is, though discrimination and misogyny [a dislike of women] exist in this country we are also INCREDIBLY lucky.…


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Feminism in SXSW

Attending SXSW last week for Latinitas actually proved very empowering as far as female identity! 

In a world where women often face discrimination in the workplace SXSW panels were nonetheless bursting with successful female leaders.

From directors at mult-million dollar companies like Uber and HBO, to fashion leaders like Lucky Magazine editor-in-chef Eva Chen and makeup guru Michelle Phan, SXSW presented a diverse pool of business genius that also happened to be…


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The best part of being female is also the hardest.

In my opinion, the hardest thing about being female is also the best thing about it. 

It is an undeniable FACT that every human who has ever lived was born of a woman. As females we bear that legacy. Whether or not we ever personally have children, we are part of a legacy of LIFE. 

Nonetheless pregnancy, childbirth, and childrearing are also probably the hardest parts of being a female. You know what they say: Nothing worth it comes easy. So, in honor of Women's…


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SXSW: Latin America is taking over!

Today I attended SXSW panel discussions on economic growth and career opportunities in Latin America. Job leaders from global leaders like Youtube, Google, Uber, Evernote, and others sent representatives to speak on the explosive market in Latin America. 

American companies are rapidly sending more and more of their businesses and investments to Latin American countries, where they have found that populations are eager to get involved and consume. This has led leading global markets…


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Why International Women's Day is so important.

Yesterday was International Women's Day and people were all over social media hashtagging and celebrating the occasion with inspirational quotes and the like. Some people, however, remarked that we don't need an international women's day because we constitute half the population. Therefore, every day should be a day to celebrate women. 

I think it's important to note here that while women in United States enjoy equal rights with men, there are many parts of the world where we…


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Latino movie 'Chef' on Netflix now!

I had been hearing great things about the movie 'Chef' for awhile but still hadn''t gotten around to seeing it yet. Then the other day while browsing Netflix I noticed it was streaming. I ended up watching it twice in a row! It's an uplifting, family-friendly film that not only features Hispanics [like Sofia Vergara and John Leguizamo] but stars them. The Spanish language and the different Hispanic cultures are present throughout the film but are never portrayed as "exotic". The Hispanic…


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Flamenco performance!

A couple weeks ago my daughter Sofia and I went to go see a Flamenco performance by the A'lante flamenco dance company based in Austin, Texas. We both loved the show! The music, dancers, costumes, and visual art were all mesmerizing. It would make for a great girls' night out or date night!

They perform again in Austin in April. They also perform in other Texan cities. Check them out at if you're…


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