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Day 4: Dell

Today we had a field trip and went to Dell. Let me tell you about it! 

First we went on a bus and went to Dell.First Joyce told us about their self. Then we went to the software zone and also told us about 3D printing. Then we did a little bit of VR with sharks. That was cool. Then we got a free copy of The House On Mango Street! We read a chapter then ate enchiladas and talked with volunteers…


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Cine Chica Camp 2017 Day 3 survival

It's my second year here at Latinitas with so many fun activities. So today we worked on our documentaries. Ours was a interview with Roan Salinas so cool. …


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Big Oppurtunity

HI all of you guess what have you heard of the Latinitas in film Festival? I was a moderater i met all 4 panelists Co owner of trouble maker studios Elizabeth Avellan, then Sharon Arteaga making a movie called Plane pretend, Chelsea Hernadnez a documentrey filmaker making building a american dream and Sandy Avila starred in Lying game and American crime. Then i asked them questions after we did trivia and Games. It was a big oppurtuniy thank youuuuuuu.

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kickboxing jitsustu

Today we went to do jujitsu it was fun i got flipped but sadly i  couldn't flip her. We learned how to self defense. How to stand up to bullies then we took a water break…


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Another day of dell

Today we went to dell and we learned more about tech. Then we ate enchiladas they were delicious. Mentors talked to us while we were eating i love it. Then we went to a different builing and talked about alienware and did virtual reality. It was cool then we danced and that was pretty much all. Wait one of out teachers car broke down WOAH

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hi guys today we did  3D printing we made pancakes. WE did story on the pancake. My group did a heart pancake it was so cool. until later byeeee.

 We did dancing and did movements together with a partner. I went crazy and went in front of the camera. it was so fun it was crazy. Me and carol tagged each other and posted our pancake…


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Healthy chica

hi guys it's Emily. In the morning we learned about mediation it was so fun. Later we did a project about mediation in just picture form. We posted on latinitas on twitter. check it out. Then we had our daily lunch.

After we did dear chicas kind of like vlogs. After we did novelas and posted them on you tube…


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general motors

we were at general motors we did what car are we quiz i was the MALIBU

. but for teams i was on TEAM BOLT!!!!!!!!!! We didn't win but guess what TEAM MALIBU won what??????? The winners got a Starbucks gift card they had extras and i got one of the extras. We ate pizza and salad i had lots of fun.

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day of tech with Priya and Kavya

today we met twins called Priya and Kavya. We made a with lights using led lights and circuits. It was really hard and it came out really pretty. One of my led lights broke so i only used one boo-ooh. they were really nice and said we might do robotics in the afternoon till the afternoon.

In the…


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blackbeud by emily

today we went to blackbeud first we went on code studio and did code with BB8  at the end we made our own game. I posted my on twitter. it is really fun. Then we ate lunch i ate a pepperoni, cheese and tomato and spinach. Then we got a salty mix. we did hopscotch there were levels a really cool spiral draw and geometry dash. It was so much fun.…


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Ireland fashion today by Emily

Ireland fashion today

-The Ireland fashions traditional dress is patterned, used for dances and lots of lines.…


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a day at latinitas july7

today we met a actress and made tv shows it was funny. We just edited it. We also made PSAs . Today was so cool i had so much fun. During lunch it was hard it was a line to heat up food.

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today i had an audition i was nervous but let loose. Take a deep breath and relax.Just go in your inner spirit. Don't be afraid to be you. Just you be you.

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trip to dell computer company

Hey guys I have another blog today for you. Today we had a trip to DELL computer company we talked to employees. We talked to one from Peru and went on wishbone. Then we learned about ads and commercials. Then we played a little guessing game my musician was Pink. Then we ate tacos they were delicious. Then we met interns and switched and met more. Then we did a social media project. After we danced and exercised. I got a squishy dell ball we took a picture and got…


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vision boards, zine and hair tutorials

today we made vision boards but only the third part of it shows I put a nice white dress with a tropical long dress .I also got two onesies because I love onesies. I also found these orange cool shoes. I loved the pair of earrings I found. we also made zines which are things that show your opinions matter and it can be about whatever. I made one about powerful woman. Because woman are more than just your appearance. We also made hair…


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A day at Latinitas fashion week july11

Today we went on a field trip to Mexi-art museum the paintings were pretty cool we even made pattern skulls and all of them were really cool we each picked songs in Ana hi and Ali' s car.we did a project called beyond the selfie we even posted it on Twitter. I am so excited for the rest of the week. We have another field trip on Wednesday.

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