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How to "Do it All" as a Student

     As most of you already know, it can be hard to balance things when you're a student: social life, sleep, and, oh yeah, SCHOOL! It's even harder if you work. I've been there. I've had to juggle so much in my life at times I don't get how I do it. I'll be the first to admit, I go a little crazy and sometimes lose it but I manage. From my years of experience I've compiled a list of tips on how to manage all those things in your life and STILL be fabulous! 

1. Be…


Added by Coral Rey on August 11, 2013 at 2:28pm — 2 Comments

Uniforms at School: Yay or Nay?

     So I'm going to continue in the vein of school-related topics for this week's blogs. I started thinking way back to my long-gone middle school days, remembering the dreaded uniforms: We had to wear either blue or white polos with khaki or navy blue bottoms. Eggh an EYESORE even the best of fashionistas at that age couldn't make look good. I certainly couldn't make it look good. It brought me to ponder the question: are uniforms bad or good for schools?

Here are some common top…


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Top 10 Back-to-School Beauty/Health Must-Haves!

     So it's August: back-to-school season. While you're still enjoying what few summer vacation days you have left, you should also be thinking of everything you'll need for the new school year/semester. I'm not talking your typical school supply lists, but beauty/health things to keep us looking and feeling fabulous. Here are my ten back-to-school beauty needs! 

1) Sunscreen and Umbrella: 

Walking to school, from building to building, and walking back…


Added by Coral Rey on August 4, 2013 at 1:47pm — No Comments

"Blurred Lines" by Robin Thicke is NOT "a feminist movement in itself"!

*****DISCLOSURE about the following post: This may not be suitable for girls 14 and under. I analyze a very degrading, violent, and sexual song and music video in order to point out why they're wrong and unacceptable. I do not endorse Robin Thicke's song "Blurred Lines" or the music video for the song in any…


Added by Coral Rey on August 2, 2013 at 4:00pm — 4 Comments

Pancake Saturday Fundraiser Reflections and Realizations

     So as an intern with Latinitas, I signed up to do some extra activities with the organization. I decided to help out with the Quince Project we're doing, which is throwing a quinceañera for deserving girls. This July 27th (yesterday) we had a fundraiser in collaboration with an Applebee's in our city. We were selling meal tickets before the big day for $5 so people could come in the morning and get a yummy breakfast (and help our our great organization) 

     For the big meal…


Added by Coral Rey on July 28, 2013 at 11:37am — 1 Comment

"Same Love": A Song Review

     So earlier this week, I came across the song "Same Love"  by Macklemore (a hip hop artist), and producer Ryan Lewis,featuring Mary Lambert. It compelled me so much that I had to write about it.

     The song opens with a chorus harmonizing as a clarinet gently plays a single note. After a few measures of the chorus/clarinet duo a bright yet modest piano comes in with a simple melody and adds texture to the introduction. Then some chimes come in to add even more brightness…


Added by Coral Rey on July 26, 2013 at 2:20pm — 3 Comments

The Trayvon Martin Case: What the Verdict Implies

     So some of you may or may not have heard that this week, George Zimmerman, a neighborhood watch person from the state of Florida was found not guilty of having fatally shot unarmed 17 year old Trayvon Martin.  The trial and verdict made national headlines, dividing the country into two: those who supported the controversial verdict of not guilty and those who didn't. Why is this verdict so controversial you…


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Animals: When They Appear on the Road

This rainy morning I was driving to school on the freeway, going at a normal speed on the left lane when the driver in front of me suddenly swerved left. I looked down in front of me thinking there was an old tire or large pile of garbage in the road, but I instead saw a small gray kitten crossing the freeway! The poor thing looked injured since it was partially dragging itself through the cold. I instinctively swerved left too to avoid the little kitty as it made its way to the middle of the… Continue

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¿Por qué ser poliglota?

      Muchas Latinas viviendo en los Estados Unidos somos bilingües, un gran logro que merece su reconocimiento. Si aprendimos los dos idiomas en casa o aprendimos uno en la escuela, la mayoría de nosotras hablamos inglés y español. Dominar dos idiomas significa que no tenemos barreras lingüísticas que nos detienen de conseguir los trabajos que queremos. Significa que en un país donde sigue siendo difícil encontrar trabajo, somos más competitivas como candidatas…


Added by Coral Rey on July 12, 2013 at 4:00pm — No Comments

"The Bridge": A Review

     So this week a new crime-thriller show called "The Bridge" premiered on the television network FX. This show aims to explore the tensions between the U.S. and Mexico border and the crimes that unite the two countries. Part of the program was filmed in El Paso, TX and Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, two neighboring cities on the U.S./Mexico borderline. I was eager to watch this show not only because it features two cities I am VERY…


Added by Coral Rey on July 12, 2013 at 2:29pm — 1 Comment

A Normal Barbie!

     Recently, artist Nickolay Lamm created something that has been getting every girl and woman's attention lately: a realistic version of Barbie! Using the body of an average 19 year old girl, he scaled it down to Barbie size, to create a doll that has an average teen's body.

     Since the first Barbie doll came out in 1959, they have all looked like the standard us normal girls…


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¿Dónde está la princesa de Disney latina?

      Como muchas niñas chiquitas, yo crecí viendo a las películas de princesas de Disney. Vi a las bellas princesas ser salvados por sus príncipes una y otra vez y cantar melodías que pronto me aprendí. De chiquita, nunca cuestione ni analicé la etnicidad de las princesas y como representaban las minorías, estaba encantada por la magia de Disney.



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Senator Wendy Davis: Fighting for Your Rights

      Senator Wendy Davis' successful filibuster (according to, a filibuster is defined as "the process or an instance of obstructing legislation by means of long speeches and other delaying tactics") of Senate Bill 5 has made the senator a political star overnight. The bill, also known as sb5 would make it illegal for a woman to have an abortion after the first 20 weeks of her pregnancy and shut down 37 of…


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DOMA is done...but the fight is far from over

     On June 26th, 2013 a major win was made in the name of human rights...DOMA was ruled unconstitutional! For those of us who don't know, DOMA (The Defense of Marriage Act) was a law enacted by Congress in 1996 to deny all benefits and recognition that heterosexual married couples have to same-sex couples. At the time, same-sex marriage wasn't recognized in any state. Today, 13 states legally recognize same-sex marriage. But until June 26th of…


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Reconectándose con la familia

Este fin de semana estoy visitando mi familia en México. Hace mucho que no veo a mis parientes y el hecho me entristece. Los extraño, pero al fin cuando los visito aveces encuentro que es difícil mantener una conversación con ellos. La distancia de dos países causa que las reuniones familiares sean un poco incómodas.

Esto es cierto para muchas latinas como yo quienes tienen familia al otro lado de la frontera. Sin embargo, son familia. Aunque por años he sido callada y poco social, soy… Continue

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The SAT Delusion


                As a senior in college, I look back at my last year of high school remembering my college application process. Like any other ambitious high schooler, I wanted to get into the best of the best schools. Hearing time and time again from politicians, news anchors, family, friends, and SAT prep-course teachers that with the poor…


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Supporting a Feminist: My Thoughts About My Dad

     As a feminist, I am not viewed favorably by conservatives. I get called crazy, bigot, radical, extreme leftist, to name some of the things people have called me. One of my most strongly held beliefs is that a woman has a right to receive an education so that she can go out and make her mark on the world. I am fortunate that my dad (a very traditional and conservative Mexican man) supports my pursuit of an…


Added by Coral Rey on June 14, 2013 at 12:20pm — 1 Comment

Summertime! Now What?

I, like many other students out there have finished with classes for the semester, huzzah! Most summers I've spent either doing summer school or working part-time somewhere, but I wanted this one to be different. As a senior in college I am growing restless and want to start working in something actually relevant to my fields of study, which are French, Spanish and Translation. Working part-time retail provides a paycheck, something everyone needs, but it doesn't…


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Latinitas Body and Soul: Vegetariana: mi experiencia en ser minoría en mi propia cultura

     Como muchas otras mexicanas, yo crecí en una familia tradicional que le encanta comer platillos con carne: tacos, flautas, chalupas, cocido, enchiladas, mole, menudo, todo eso y más. Cuando era niña nunca cuestioné lo que comíamos o pensé que podría comer otra cosa !me encantaba la comida mexicana! Pero la muerte de mi abuelita materna me hizo revaluar y querer cambiar mi dieta. Había perdido mi querida abue a los 20 años a causa de un infarto y…


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