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Te vamos a extrañar Juanga!

Sad news about this month is we have said goodbye to one of the most outstanding singers of Mexico chicas. Juan Gabriel represents not only Mexican culture but Latin American culture. His songs and trajectory as a Mexican artist have made him Hijo Prodigo de Ciudad Juarez.

This tragic event happened few hours before Juanga was appointed to perform at the Don Haskins Center. There were families who heard about the rumor and didn't believe it until concert was cancelled and… Continue

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Routine against the dominant useness

This goes for all the girls who even though they haven't been abused, they always feel like they are about to. 


When you wake up

Do not open any windows

Make sure the doors are well closed

You are now prepared to take a shower



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Descabellado pesar de una mexicana

Hello girls, this is one of the poems I wrote in times of despair. Every time I read about deportations, immigration experiences, and/or abuses on behalf of immigration officers, professors, or any other authority in the US towards immigrants, I just feel attacked.

I wrote how I feel and what I think of following the "American dream." I wrote this because for me, every experience I hear and…


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Confronting the world at my own

Hello girls! It's been a while since I don't get in touch with you. This is partly because of what happened at me at the bridge one Monday I was heading to Latinitas office. 

Let me explain how afraid and frustrated I was that day starting from the moment I walked out of home. As every normal Monday, I had to go to my internship at Latinitas office. I had to bathe, get on some clothes, have breakfast, brush my teeth and prepare my stuff for the day, which includes my documents for… Continue

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Ana Castillo, inspiration to all Xicanas!

Latinitas was present at the spotlight event of Ana Castillo, a prominent writer, poet and ensayist. It was presented by La Mujer Obrera at Cafe Mayapan in June 3, 2016 in El Paso, Tx.

The purpose of the event was to cover her newest writing piece: Black Dove: Mamá, mijo and me. 

At this masterpiece, Ana Castillo is presenting her own memoir. A life of a Latina…


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Getting to know Marlene Castillo from XQ Institute Project!

Hello girls! Yesterday I went to a round table meeting with a bunch of Latina students interested in STEM fields! It was one project made by XQ Institute, which is an organization dedicated to students all over the US Country.

"Is started in September 2015. We launched a challenge, a call to action to the US to reimagine High School. So we launched a reimagine actions of students to better serve them, prepare them for college career and life," said Marlene Castillo, a teacher and one… Continue

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Latinitas on STEM fields speak about their schools at XQ Event!

Hi girls! I went to the XQ Institute event last week and interviewed a lot of girls about their ideal schools and thoughts about how can we reimage High School! These are different Latinas interested on STEM fields talking about how they imagine their ideal school and what they are doing right now to fulfill their dreams. Let’s read them all!

GUADALUPE CASTILLO: I am in twelve grade studying at El Paso. My ideal school would have everything that really inspires me. For example, my…


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Super grateful for Stay Teen Event!

Last week, I attended the Stay Teen event at the Housing Authority of El Paso. It was great all the things that emerged from that day.

I was told to read one of the poems I submitted for a contest. Stay Teem contest had three categories: Video, Art, or Writing. With your entry, you had to tell the audience why do you think the youth should stay away of the adult's problems or why we (teens) should stay the way we are and live our now. For the contest, I chose the category of Writing and…


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Differences among Juarez and El Paso schools!

Hi Latinas! How many of you have been at schools from El Paso and Juarez? This blog is about the differences between these two regions. Find out about some of the differences you may encounter if you are changing school from any side of the border! 


The most waited moment of the season girls. Prom is probably one of the things most of us dream about when we are little besides our weddings, but it is definitely more common on El Paso schools than in Juarez. At El Paso every… Continue

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What you want to know about Cinco de mayo!

Hi Latinas! How many of you celebrated Cinco de mayo? I bet all of your families did. 

The thing about this holiday in particular is that many US people doesn't know why is this celebration for. I saw a lot on the news yesterday on how the stereotype of sombreros, tacos, and margaritas are "essential" on this holiday. Let me tell you something Latinas: it is not.

Here you have 5 facts about Cinco de Mayo, from a Mexican chica who has lived all of her life at Mexico:

1. It is the… Continue

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Arrested by last name: Gonzalez!

"We have to continue to fight for the families like the family that I saw inside. As I was being processed and I was being questioned; as I was trying to defend my rights and being pushed back on, I saw the faces of two children in one of the holding cells. That's why we have to continue to fight and that's why we're, you know,  going to say 'not one more' and dump Trump," said Jacinta Gonzalez, a US citizen who was arrested at one of Trump's rally in Arizona. 

This Latina attended…


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My experience with Chica Power Fest

Last week, Latinitas hosted Chica Power Fest at the Miner Village of UTEP. I have never seen such an amazing and cooperative work from various organizations! I just fell in love with the decoration of the reception. You could see portraits, signs saying why leadership is important, tables with a lot of purple things; it was overwhelming to step in girls. We had a lot of panels…


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Spotlight on Elisa Garrido, art historian Latina!

"Life Magazine actually sent photographers and painters to get the two perspectives from the war. These are different because with the camera you get to relieve the moment and with he painting you tell a whole story behind the colors and elements," said Elisa Garrido, Latina speaker at the 3rd Annual UTEP Art History Symposium. 

Last week I attended to this outstanding event! A symposium at UTEP in which three speakers talked about their past research on different subjects. It was an… Continue

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Become a leader with Chica Power Fest!

Leader is a complex word. It causes stress to some girls and it also causes excitement to others. The question is not whether you feel comfortable with the word or not chica, but if you are what the word means. 

In various ocassions, we may experience situations in which we either have the total attention of an audience or situations in which we just stay silent in a crowded room thinking about why we are not enough. Throughout your life at a new culture, new country, new classmates and… Continue

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Bad luck Ms. Bennett

I got mad at reading this story chicas. A nurse student sued her college for fallacies! Terri Bennett complaint to the director of Pima Community College about classmates disrupting her learning process inside the classroom due to Spanish speakers. 

What? Let me then say I am disrupted by English speakers all the time at UTEP. Does this makes sense? Of course not! You cannot just tell people in which language they should talk or not! With what bases is she suing the college? With… Continue

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This Latina is doing something girl, what about you?

Would you believe me if I tell you a Latina athlete is already doing activism for stopping racism at her college? Yes chica. Sanjuanita Martinez didn't stop for a degree nor organization to help supporting her origins at Cornell College from Iowa, institution in which she is currently studying. 

She belongs to the land of Bowie, Texas and is currently one of Cornell's most prominent athletes at cross country and track runner. Last season, she made it to the 19th place at the Division… Continue

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Cultural discrimination cartoon

This cartoon made me realize of the discrimination and stereotypes Mexicans have. 

When did the origins for this generalization of stupidity among Mexicans begin? How is it that US citizens think they are better and highly ranked than other cultures? Why does the European always have to be the ones who are better at everything?

From what I have read, the Mayas were the…


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Sexual Harassment month

Hello Latinas! In honor of the sexual assault's month, I am listing and giving you information about some organizations out there who are willing to help any girl in trouble! 

Center Against Sexual and Family Violence (casfv) 

An organization from El Paso girls. It has educational programs, community services and even an emergency shelter. It has an open line, common asked questions in case you don't know what happened to you. With CASFV, you can always call if you feel insecure… Continue

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Become aware of the wage gap!

Chicas, I think by this point in history we all have heard: "because you are a woman in this world, you have to overcome many obstacles.", "being a woman is harder than being a man", "women do not get much rights throughout human's history", among others.

I get to listen to these quotes at least once a week and I hear them everywhere. My world right now divides into: college at El Paso, work at El Paso, home at Juarez and the rest of the time I spend it at Juarez (libraries, malls, houses… Continue

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Conclusions about El Paso citizens' involvement in politics

After finishing one article talking about the trends of Latinitas in politics, I realized there is not an interest in becoming informed about actual candidates in El Paso milenials. I have been talking to an average of 15 girls (some were citizens and some were studying immigrants) and all I was getting as a response was "Bernie Sanders just because"; I was getting the same answers I kept seeing at the short clips of Facebook or even worst, these kind of answers: "I don't know, he seems nice",… Continue

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