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Im losing my best friend to her boyfriend

We are all in that stage of our lives when we want know what being in a relationship is like. We enjoy spending time with guys, especially if you can enjoy that time together with your best friend, call it a bonding moment maybe, but what do you do when your best friend decides to spend more time with him than with you?

Sadly this has been a problem that has been going on lately, my best friend recently met her man crush and since then I rarely see her or hear from her.

I thought… Continue

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Austin Film Fetival

This weekend I had the opportunity to volunteer at the Austin film festival and It was a blast . Day one consisted of making the film passes and badges while walking out and handing it to the directors and producers themselves. I arrived to the Driskill Hotel in downtown Austin (the venue where I was stationed) and the commotion was incredible. People everywhere, photographers and reporters walking up and down the stairs, and the crowd of people waiting to get into the film area. It was…


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Artistic Latinas

      Although this painting depicts the wrenching emotional pain Frida Kahlo’s divorce from Diego Rivera, art speaks to people in many different ways. On the left is the traditionally dressed, exposed Frida, with her broken heart . On the right is the stronger, cosmopolitan Frida, whose intact heart feeds the other Frida. Both hearts are connected to a locket containing a…


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Cooking with Abuelita

My favorite Hispanic tradition definitely is Christmas. Every year  my grandma,  my great grandma, my sister and I get together in the kitchen about three days before Christmas Eve and make tamales.

This tradition began back when my great grandmother was a young girl, and she also helped her mother cook. It is always the same, red tamales, green tamales, candy tamales, and bean tamales. Eventually, it became a tradition that has continued until now.

The process begins at the…


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 I went shopping yesterday to a variety of stores that included Target and Cielo Vista Mall. I was amazed at the retail because it is the beginning of a new year, and target already had summer dresses and swim suits in stock. Calm down people.....Winter is at its climax and the stores are already trying to sell the new line of Jessica Simpson's swimwear.

I also noticed it is all women's clothes that constantly change due to the "New trends and styles". Yes, they are constantly…


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Getting ready for College

As a high school senior, I am preparing for the next big step called "Real Life" hence, College.

I have been preparing for this all throughout high school by taking advanced classes and dual credit classes. Also by getting involved in as many activities as possible in the community. Commuinty and volunteer services are something colleges always keep in mind when it comes to admissions.  Having your future in mind always will help you keep your eye on the prize no matter what. I have…


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Soccer season has started and it is only in Texas that the season goes on during the harsh winter months. The bipolar El Paso weather keeps me guessing what the weather will like in the next thirty minutes. In my soccer bag,

I always carry gloves, earmuffs, hoodies, and a beanie....I never know what to wear, so might as well be prepared.

The soccer season is a total of three months and I am very excited because our first game is already on the 29th of December. This leaves no…


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Be Proactive

going to.....COLLEGE

*dramatic music*

Sounds intimidating right? well it shouldn't be.... Taking the first step towards college preparation is a good way to start.

As a high school student,one is automatically pressured with that question of "what are you going to do in the future?"

A good way to start planning for the future in college, is to take all the honor courses and advanced placed classes possible. I have taken in my four years of high school: Pre-AP and AP…


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Patience....Pass it on...

One thing I learn at soccer practice, is how to be patient. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses and one just has to learn to deal with them or improve them. As a player on the team, one must be able to move as a unit, and with 18 different minds, personalities, and bodies, sometimes the task is not easy. Trust me, it it actually quite difficult...As a captain I have learned to have patience and to listen to every girl. Keeping everyone in mind is being considerate while choosing what is…


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Teen Voter

Today in school we had mock elections in the library. The whole political environment really made it seem like I was actually voting. Most Seniors in high school are18 already and can vote, I am one of many that make up the group of students that are the exception. The summer babies such as myself don't turn 18 until after high school graduation, therefore prolonging our voting privileges until next elections. As a was walking in, the administrators asked for my name and gave me a ballot and…


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Start a Chain Reaction

Yesterday there was a presentation at my school regarding the Columbine shooting back in 1999 called Rachel's Challenge. I didnt really know what was the importance of the presentation was until i was told about the horrible shooting that took place back in Colorado. This presentation was to conmemorate Rachel Joy Scott, a high school teenager with big dreams that unfortunately were intererrupted by a bullet back in 1999.

Rachel's challenge is an organization devoted to stop bullying…


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Homecoming date

Yesterday was perhaps one of the days i will most remember abpout my senior year. I was asked to homecoming in the cutest way. I think if a guy goes through so much to ask a simple question, the answer should be yes; no doubt about it.

I walked into my first period to find a white envelope labeled with a number one in pink marker and a daisy taped on it. I was so confused i didnt know how to react and wondered if I should even touch the object. I looked around with a confused look in…


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Sister Sister!

"Which are you? Liz or Danii?" is usually the question my twin sister and I get wherever we go. Although we are fraternal twins, we do look very much alike making people believe we are identical.

It might sound a little stereotypical but yeah, we do everything together, not because we have to, but because we want to. I really enjoy having a twin sister because I am never alone.She is my best friend and no matter what she will allways be there for me.

Another question frequently…


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Mother nature at its finest

         So this weekend i was sent off to my grandmas house due to the fact that my wonderful parents treated themselves to a labor day weekend getaway in Las Vegas. Im not gonna lie, at first i was not very excited to spend three days put of my house unable to hangout with friends or do anything because, oh! i forgot to mention i have an 8 year old brother that i have to babysit.

Saturday morning i woke up at my grandma's and i asked her what the plans for the day where.She said,…


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british colloquialism

The London Paralympics kicked of this week with  a great opening ceremony  that starred Professor Stephen Hawkings, Sir Ian McKellen, and the double amputee war veteran.Bringing people in from all over the world, These Games gave London the spotlight.

Something very remarkable from Britain, is the dialect in which english is spoken.Expressing something here in America might mean something completely different in London, nonetheless, it could even be a phrase that is so foreign to us…


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The New Girl

I think everyone has experienced that "new Girl" feeling where you dont really know what youre getting yourself into when you agree to something. Today was my orientation in Latinitas and i have to say that for the first time being in a unknkown environment, i have felt right at home if i should say.Friendly faces greet you and you cant help but smile and think to yourself, yup....i made the right choice.

As a high school student at Eastwood, beginning Senior year is so exciting. I…


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