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Elizabeth Lara's Blog – December 2012 Archive (4)

Getting ready for College

As a high school senior, I am preparing for the next big step called "Real Life" hence, College.

I have been preparing for this all throughout high school by taking advanced classes and dual credit classes. Also by getting involved in as many activities as possible in the community. Commuinty and volunteer services are something colleges always keep in mind when it comes to admissions.  Having your future in mind always will help you keep your eye on the prize no matter what. I have…


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Soccer season has started and it is only in Texas that the season goes on during the harsh winter months. The bipolar El Paso weather keeps me guessing what the weather will like in the next thirty minutes. In my soccer bag,

I always carry gloves, earmuffs, hoodies, and a beanie....I never know what to wear, so might as well be prepared.

The soccer season is a total of three months and I am very excited because our first game is already on the 29th of December. This leaves no…


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Be Proactive

going to.....COLLEGE

*dramatic music*

Sounds intimidating right? well it shouldn't be.... Taking the first step towards college preparation is a good way to start.

As a high school student,one is automatically pressured with that question of "what are you going to do in the future?"

A good way to start planning for the future in college, is to take all the honor courses and advanced placed classes possible. I have taken in my four years of high school: Pre-AP and AP…


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Patience....Pass it on...

One thing I learn at soccer practice, is how to be patient. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses and one just has to learn to deal with them or improve them. As a player on the team, one must be able to move as a unit, and with 18 different minds, personalities, and bodies, sometimes the task is not easy. Trust me, it it actually quite difficult...As a captain I have learned to have patience and to listen to every girl. Keeping everyone in mind is being considerate while choosing what is…


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