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Future Latina hero

As a future Latina hero I would be like to be known as the person who gave back and helped strengthen the community. I want to be known for empowering other girls and women. I believe it is important to foster a strong sense of self and confidence to reach success. At times girls may not have a strong foundation to succeed. I want to be known to help young girls attain a solid self esteem and confidence to continue the next generation of strong women. Life is about helping others.

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chica poderosa

I am a chica poderosa because I continue to reach my goals regardless of fear, hesitation, anxiety, and not knowing. Going through life with anxiety and uncertainty has put limitations on pursuing what I wanted in the past. Being  a chica poderosa means not being afraid of making mistakes and taking on challenges to the best of your ability. A chica poderosa bounces back from difficult times and becomes stronger.  Though a chica ponderosa isn’t always tough, she can also be sensitive, caring…


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The "F" word

Feminism is a word that can be scary if a person does not necessarily know what it means or stands for. I have come across many individuals who shame others who is a feminist. Many times its due to the fact that they lack the knowledge of what it truly means or feed into the message that feminism means hating men. 

Feminism means standing up for equality no matter what gender or color. Feminism also means standing up for every aspect of equality and to continuously challenge…


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Latina I admire

Whenever someone tells me about a person I admire and has motivated me, my mother immediately comes to mind. Throughout her life she had many challenges to overcome. She had twins at the age of 17, she managed to continue to go to college and stay employed while caring for three children. The road was not a smooth one at all. She gives me all kinds of strength to continue going through my graduate program, work, and internship. All I have to do is think if she did, I can do it. To this day…


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Helping the future generation


For the past 3 summers I have been involved with planning summer camps. I enjoy taking part in motivating girls to be the best person they can be. Watching the girls enjoy guest speakers, activities, field trips and special projects like the mural is a rewarding experience. It is great to be involved in a process to enrich girls with experiences and empowerment. 

In a way these summer camps contributes to increasing their self esteem and…


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Future Hope for Latin@s

I want to see more Latinos in positions of leadership.

I want to see many Latinas in political office.

I want to see an accurate representation of Latin@s in media.

I want others to really see the great contributions Latin@s have given to the United States and the world.

I want people to know who we are and not apply the misconceptions and stereotypes to the general Latino population. 

We are great people and we are also important to this great…


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Latina Stereotypes in Mainstream Culture

The Latino culture is a very diverse culture that consist of many types of Latinos. Unfortunately that is not reflective in mainstream media in  the U.S  and in several countries in Latin America . Many Latinas that are cast in shows and films are always the same in skin color, body shape, and accent. Many Latinas portrayed in the media we consume, are light skin women with the stereotypical body shape of a tiny waist with "curves in all the right places", often with a gifted chest and an…


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Latinitas 2015 Summer

It is always a great and fun experience taking part in the Latinitas Summer Camps. I started as an intern who stayed for the summer to help out with the summer camps. Little did I know that that next summer I would be trusted with the responsibility to lead the summer camp. The opportunity really excited me. I absolutely enjoy being with the girls and at the same time help in setting up awesome field trips and filling their days with inspiring guest speakers as…


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Latinitas Confidence Boosting Tips

This week our girls from one of our after school clubs at Horizon Middle School took part in our Be YOUnique service project to promote confidence and self esteem among their peers at their school. Here are some of their tips on boosting your confidence level and self esteem.

Stop talking about the bad stuff we have and talk about the good things about ourselves. Listen to music to feel better or cry with your friend if you have too if she feels bad. - Maria

Just ignore what…


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A Zumba Morning

The Saturday before thanksgiving week Latinitas had a Zumba workout. I really enjoy Zumba it is a workout that does not feel like a workout because you are having too much fun dancing. I feel that is the best workout for me personally and obviously for many people because it would not be so well known if others did not feel the same way. The interns and the volunteers enjoyed the workout we felt the burn in our legs. Right after Zumba we got into talking about all the different ways we can…


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A Crossfit Morning

This past Saturday the Latinitas volunteers and I had the the chance to experience a new workout craze known as Crossfit. I have heard that it is super addictive and you never repeat the same workout twice. Arriving at the gym intimidated me but thankfully our trainer for the day was very sweet and patient with those of us that were not familiar or experienced with the workout. We started with a warm-up that included stretching with a plastic pipe, then for the next 20 minutes we had to do…


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Latina Identity

This past weekend I was very fortunate to be asked to help out at a  Latina Identity Summit conference at the El Paso Public Library. The conference was a gathering for Latinas in El Paso to take part in discussions about the complexity of the Latina identity. What I loved about this particular conference was the fact that it did not just involve people going to an auditorium to hear guest speaker's lectures but it involved the…


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Women's History Month

In celebration of Women's History Month we asked our girls to write about a woman in history or in their life that they admire and reasons why they admire her.

I look up to my grandma because she was a teacher and was smart. She would help students in any way she can that is why  she was a great teacher. - Albina

I look up to my Nina because she is a teacher, nice, helpful and she likes to sing. - Brenda

I admire Rosa Parks because she was brave and sat on the front of…


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What is the hardest thing about being a female? by Guest Blogger Jessie

I feel that women do have more than just a body and a pretty face. Men think they can over power us by their "masculinity". I feel that men think women can't be independent and in reality we can. Women can over come many things many men don't give us credit for. They want to "shape" us woman in the man's view. Men see us for our body and not for our brain. When are women going to say enough is enough and take power for us women! To see women in power impacts us as women.


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What is a healthy relationship?

This week the girls learned about what is healthy in a relationship, got to know signs to look for in a healthy and abusive relationship, discussed friendships, bullying, and gave each other advice. Each one of these girls have encountered a problem with a friend and ask for advice.

My friend and I are fighting because she does not want me to hang out with anyone but her, I have other friends I want to hang out with also, what should I do?

I have been arguing…


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Texas State Representative Elect Mary Gonzalez is an Inspiring Latina

When I first got word that I was going to help out in interviewing Texas State Representative Elect Mary Gonzalez, my immediate reaction was excitement because I had just read an article a month ago on her about being the first lesbian to openly serve in the Texas House of Representatives. Then panic set in because this would be my first go at interviewing someone for an article in a magazine, and it intimidated me because it was going to be on someone who has power and influence to make…


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My Latina Role Model

Like many Latinas, I have always looked up to my mother, whether I knew it or not she has influenced me in many ways. Though like many of us we do not like the idea of turning out like our mothers, their constant nagging, and the honest truth we hate to hear was actually beneficial for me. At a young age my mother was a hard worker, having a job, going to school, and trying to manage and raise three kids she was a woman always on her feet, I hardly remember a time where she just laid out for…


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Natural Born Leaders

It is unquestionable that Latinas are naturally strong leaders. We are raised to be strong by Latinas like our mothers, aunts, cousins, sisters and friends that help shape the person we will become. Our loudness and persistence to be heard are taught to us early in our lives, when you come from a family that constantly have lengthy and strong conversations that involve some arguing, fighting, and trying to talk over one another makes a Latina become an effortlessly awesome debater. In our…


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