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Your Decisions Someone Elses Life

Although I don't know these young ladies their story has effected me and I think many people can learn from the story of Evalynn Rose and Jeannette Lazaro. Both these girls were 21 and were killed in an accident on Thursday January 20th. Both these girls and a couple of their friends had gone out to celebrate Evelynn's birthday which was on Wednesday and they both died in a car accident on Thursday. To me their story not only shows us how quickly life can be taken away from us but that we…


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I was reading an article today that talked about Eastridge. Some people may not know what this is so I shall explain a little bit. Eastridge is a neighborhood on the Eastside of El Paso and each year this large neighborhood decorates for Christmas. Many people go to drive around the neighborhood to see the houses that are decorated beautifully. While I was reading the article it spoke of how the tradition began with two neighbors competing amongst one another and then carried over to other…


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A Little Thought On Friends...

Friends, old ones, new ones, black ones, blue ones, white ones, brown ones, friends, who? Friends are something that I have always had in my life and have held close and dear to my heart. As graduation comes around I can't help but think of even more friends that I will take a step away from because I won't be around as often but I do hope to keep in touch with. Our relationships are always changing but I've learned that friendships are what you make of them. You can have great friends but… Continue

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I am finally graduating on Saturday December 11, 2010! I can't say it enough how happy I am to be finishing the second big step in my education to get to my career goals. I can still play back memories from elementary school and middle school that included talks from people that encouraged us to graduate high school and go to college. I still remember my career goals growing up. First I wanted to be a teacher, then a physical therapist, then a fashion designer, and then I finally reached the… Continue

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It's November...

It's November and we all know that Thanksgiving is around the corner. I thought that I would write about how I spend my Thanksgiving in hopes that maybe other girls and some of the interns would also share their stories with everyone as well.

My Thanksgivings have almost been the exact same for as long as I can remember but they are ones that I love to attend. I come from a large family. My Dad has nine brothers and two sisters. My Mom on…


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You're Hispanic?

Blonde hair, fair skin, green eyes, standing at 5'6", that's me. Growing up I was always called "guera" and people at school insisted I was white. In fact I am hispanic. Not only am I hispanic but I am full hispanic. Many of my friends after meeting me the first time could not believe it but, yes it's true. Many people have an image of what a Latina or a Hispanic girl should look like. I am definitely not what they think of. I however, am proud of who I am and my culture. It is something…


Added by Alyssa Romero on October 26, 2010 at 4:47pm — 3 Comments




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