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This year during the summer Tech camp the girls had the opportunity to learn about social media and how to used Twitter. Here are their posts. 

"People like me now before people hated me."- Romely

"We are all drawing different drawings and coloring."- Emerald

"People should love, be nice. People who are nice is Amber, Nydia, Celecy and the rest."- Makayla

"Yesterday my mom in work she found a turthe and she bring it some."-Kennya

"Good morning!!! Hi…


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Future Latina Hero

I will like to be known as an example for many younger Latinas girls that want to be a professional person in the future. I will like to inspire them to continue their education and not matter what their culture, race, or class. We can all can have the same opportunities.

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I am a Chica Poderosa because I am a stronger woman such like other woman has been. I am a latina chica ponderosa because I want a better life and will like to have a better education. Being a professional psychology advisor.

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What FEMINIST mean to you?

Being Feminism for me means to have the same rights as a man. Woman can have the same rights and same opportunities of jobs. We can all achieve our goals and dreams no matter can others may think and says. 

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Latina woman who has changed your life and/or history

A Latina woman that has changed my life is America Ferrera from the movie “Real Women Have Curves.” She inspired me to think differently and to know that I have the same rights as a man. A woman can get educated no matter what their culture. Also, to always accomplish my goals and dreams.

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Tell us what you are doing to help future generations of Latinas succeed! Whether you’re a first generation college student setting a standard for siblings or volunteering in your community

I will like to help young girl to prepare for every school they go to. I want to make them know how important is to go to school and earn a degree. I am about to start doing an intership with Latinitas and try to help all this beautiful your girls to develop themselves in all the things they want to work on and how to reach their goals

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