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Ironic Complaint

I've come to realize that as a generation we complain so much! We complain about the weather being too hot or too cold,even about WiFi signal being too low! From paper cuts, slow drivers and even about a bird pooping on your windshield. The list of everyday complaints goes on and on...and honestly we complain about things we CAN'T control. Probably because we can't control them. Most of the time it causes a ripple of complaints from one person to the next like a contagious virus. Go ahead and… Continue

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I recently began working at a title company as a receptionist as a summer job and everything has been great and everyone is quite nice. Yet, I could not help but notice that this building is dominated by women! From women in the front office to the president of the branch. Even one of the office "runners"(usually a male dominated position) is a female who has 3 children and works a full time job and a part time job. Not only does she work she wakes up at 4 in the morning to go to the gym. To… Continue

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Advice for Girls

At the age of 21 the best advice I can give young girls is to be your absolute self. Being who you are will help you find your true friends, give you opportunities, and the confidence you need to face anything and everything. AND you'll be truly happy! Also focus on yourself and your future, prioritize because it'll will really benefit you in the long run. Above all just enjoy your life, don't rush to grow up take it a step at a time and go with the flow !:)

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The Good about being a female!

Let's begin with the fact that our wardrobe is infinite! We can wear anything and everything and still look fabulous! From pants and t shirts to dresses and skirts to tank tops or blouses and don't foget about the shoes! Of course the fact that our hair has the same freedom! From having different hair styles to colors and cuts. Being a female allows us to have liberty and freedom of expression through clothes and hair and even make up, frankly if I were a boy, it would be too boring.

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Who is my sHero?

When asked the question, "who is your hero" there wasn't much thinking to do. Of course its my mom! Above from being a caring and supportive mother she is also one of my best friends. She has always inspired me to create things and solve problems without feeling devastated. As time has passed she now cares for her own parents as they both have alzheimer desiese and dementia. My grandparents are not grandparents anymore they've become like young children and yet my mother gives her time to…


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Time for Change (New Years Resolution)

Ever forget imortant events or things that you're supposed to remember? Well it always happens to me. I seem to think that my brain will remember every single thing. But the truth is it doesn't . Taking the time to actually write down events or tasks down in a planner seems to be too much work at times. But as technology moves forward it's also time to use my phone as a planner. It's time for a change, not to be that forgetful friend! I'll change to be more oraganized and complete tasks on…


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