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Senior Year!

Senior year is everything I hoped for, and nothing I expected. I never thought i'd be going to bed past twelve every single night. At the same time, however, I never thought i'd be having this much fun! So this blog is solely dedicated to my first nine weeks as a senior.

ALL my classes are ridiculously demanding, even art! My first class of the day is journalism. I applied to be managing editor, but unfortunately didn't make it. Instead, I became class sections editor. So I get to… Continue

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Giving Back

The New Oxford American Dictionary defines community as "a group of people living together in one place." This definition, however is way too ambiguous. To truly define community, one must look within themselves as well as look around at the people who surround them. To me, community is defined as every person on this Earth. We all live together on this one planet, we share the same resources, breathe the same air, and live under the same sky.

There are a million problems facing this… Continue

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Plaza Music Film Festival & Sleepercar

For the next ten days in El Paso, Texas, the historic Plaza Theatre will be showcasing a slew of classic films. Some of the titles include Gone With The Wind and Marry Poppins. There is a movie to suit everyone's taste, and prices are cheap; ranging from free to $8. It's also a great way to support local happenings as well as have a look at modern masterpieces. The film will also hold special events such as "A Conversation with Nick Clooney". Nick Clooney is the father of George… Continue

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The Path to College, Day VI

It's back-to-school time! One of my favorite commercials is a Staples one where there is a dad shopping for his kid's school supplies, and "It's the most wonderful time of the year" is playing.

Don't let your parents' excitement overshadow your own. True, school may drag on and teachers get ruthless with the amount of homework they give, but always keep in mind that children in this country are immeasurably privileged compared to children in third world countries. Some children can't go to… Continue

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Latina Pride

I love my Hispanic heritage, and I love being a Latina. I love that I don't fit in with the "normal" image of young women, the kind that only do what they are told by others. I love being independent most of all. Even though I have a close knit family, they are supportive enough to let me go after my dreams and not object to that, unlike some other families. My values are already very established for my age, and I attribute that to my family and my culture. I love the family side of the… Continue

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The Path to College, Day V

Today is a chill day, as much as possible. When applying for college, it is important to try and not get swamped in all the work. Take a day or two to pause and think about what you're doing. Think about career choices. Do you really want to be a doctor, or are you pursuing it just because your peers want you to? Take a day just to think about yourself, your surroundings, and the impact you want to have. If you have trouble coming up with thoughts, grab a sheet of paper and a pen and just start… Continue

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The Path to College, Day IV

These past few days have been scholarship days. Scholarships are both beautiful and repulsive. The beautiful part about them is that they are free money for college. The bad part is that you are competing with thousands of other people. But, the beautiful outweighs the bad, by a ton.

The place I have started is at They have a scholarship search that can be tailored to your every need. The number of scholarships that come up are amazing! I got close to 100 for being a… Continue

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Path to College, Day III

This weekend has been stressful. Truthfully, I have had to set aside all college matters to deal with finishing The Once and Future King, a brutally long, beautifully written novel about King Arthur and everything surrounding him. I am doing this for my AP Literature and Composition class, which is a college level senior english class. I haven't even started school and I can already tell how challenging it will be!

This class leads me to my next piece of advice for college:… Continue

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Path to College, Day II

Today I started writing an essay for Catholic University of America during my lunch break. The topic of the essay is "In your opinion, what is the greatest obstacle your generation will face, and what solution would you propose to overcome it?"

The problem with college essays is that they are very ambiguous, which makes sense. Colleges want to see who YOU truly are, and they want to see how you respond to an essay.

In the case of this essay, there are endless problems that my… Continue

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The Path to College, Day I

Throughout the four years, 56 semester exams, boyfriend drama, girl fights, unfair teachers, and uniforms, college is definitely the most intimidating process I have yet to go through. I haven't even started my senior year of high school and I am already overwhelmed with AP essays and projects, internships, and College Applications.

My new blog will be a weeklong log about my path to college, which includes everything from extensive research, applying, essays, fees, factors, and waiting.… Continue

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Love is Colorblind

Does love prefer a color? Does love say "I can't love you, you're purple!" The fact of the matter is that love, true L-O-V-E is unbiased towards any and all races, species, and colors. If one loves something, whether it be a favorite stuffed animal, subject, or significant other, it's love, plain and simple.

Interracial dating could be considered a hot topic right now, especially since new tapes revealed Richard Nixon's views on abortion, saying it was "okay" if the baby was from "a black… Continue

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The biggest problem is our community is...

The title of this blog is a misnomer. Sadly, there is more than one huge problem in our community. The problems are also not only in this little southwestern town, but also in the larger United States and the global community. These problems start as early as childhood and can have lasting effects.

The first problem is illiteracy. In a study done on, 50% of adults can not read a book above an eighth grade level. Three out of four individuals on welfare can't read. 85%… Continue

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Rio Grande Safe Communities

On June 27, Rio Grande Safe Communities Coalition hosted an event at Canutillo High School to raise awareness on teen drinking and to try and get underage youth to stop doing it. I was lucky enough to attend a motivational speaker and two workshops. The speaker was Gbenga Asedeko, the president of Winners Consulting Services in El Paso, Texas. He gave very inspiring words of advice to the large group of teens that were listening. He said "What you give to life, that is what comes back to you."… Continue

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Independence Day plans

My family and I usually have some kind of cookout on the 4th of July. We'll probably do the same this year, but I also get to go out with my boyfriend and celebrate our two year anniversary. We will hopefully pop fireworks at my house, and watch some sort of movie or play some sort of game. We usuallly don't go out of town for this holiday, but once we went to Las Vegas. On the way back, we went through the Montana Vista part of El Paso. It was so loaded with fireworks and people partying! My… Continue

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Warped Tour 2009

This year's Vans Warped Tour was different, to say the least. In the past years that I have gone, there was a plethora of bands performing on numerous stages. This year, however, there were less bands and far less stages. In the past years there were two main stages; this year it was only one.

Although I didn't necessarily like many of the bands that were playing, Warped was fun because of the people I was around. The atmosphere is the epitome of summer; dry, dusty, cloudless weather.… Continue

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The King of Pop and the rest of the world.

Four days after Michael Jackson's death, I still cannot believe that it happened! I remember glancing at an article that mentioned him going into cardiac arrest, and a mere fifteen minutes later, he died!

Michael Jackson seemed like one of those untouchable, invincible celebrities that would never cease to exist. My dad is a huge fan. Some of my funniest memories include watching my dad dance to 'Billie Jean' at family reunions or singing along to 'Thriller'. We have his albums, eight… Continue

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The New Oxford American Dictionary defines "machismo" as strong or aggressive masculine pride. Does this definition even begin to explain everything that machismo encompasses? Machismo, especially in a border town, is inordinate. Stories have been heard about men not letting their wives work because the woman's place is "in the kitchen." Even worse cases of machismo are seen in domestic violence, not only in the Hispanic culture, but in any other culture. Cases of rape and murders of… Continue

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Frontera Pride Film Festival

This past weekend, El Paso hosted its very first Gay Pride Film Festival. The screenings of different films were held in the alluring Philanthropy Theatre of the Plaza Theatre and in the Downtown Library. Some of the films that were shown included Born Again, Projecting the Body, and Pretty Ugly People. Other events included a free concert by Mexicans at Night and a gala at the Camino Real Hotel. I got to see the screenings of Born Again and Projecting the… Continue

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My Source of Inspiration

My dad just might be the most important man in my life. In fact, he is the most important man in my life. Throughout my seventeen years of life, he has always been there, every single day.

My dad is older than most dads, yet that never deterred him from being a wonderful parent. Some of my best and most vibrant memories include him. Riding alongside him in his black Ford pickup, walking across the green lawn to get ice cream, and going to him for comforting words to ease my acute fear of… Continue

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Hot Topic: Latina and Hispanic

According to the New Oxford American Dictionary, the term Hispanic is "of or relating to Spanish speaking countries, especially those of Latin America". Oxford also defines Latina as "a female Latin American inhabitant of the United States". These terms are only general. Any Latinita can argue on the "true" meaning of Hispanic and Latina and which one is better. The truth could be, however, that both are equally correct. In my opinion, Hispanic is a blanket term used to cover all countries… Continue

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