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Dear Past Me (or Whom It May Concern)...

Dearest Young Vianey,

You are so lucky that I can't get my hands on you because I would punch you for all the dumb cringe-worthy things that you’ve caused. They still haunt me when I least expect it.

Which brings me to my first point, you are always so hard on yourself! (And, you’re still pretty mean to yourself to this day). Stop comparing your outfits, body, and personality to other people. You need to learn to love yourself. Don’t try to make others take on the role of loving yourself before you learn to love you. Be confident! Aim to be the best version of you. If someone else finds your quirks annoying they can sod off because you are unique and delightful.

Secondly, be wary of sketchy friends. It's great to be a friendly girl but if said friends are constantly crapping on your interests and have proven to be untrustworthy, please get away from them. This is for your own good! Find kinder friends! They're not that hard to find! They are there! They want your friendship! (I wish I could go back in time and point them out for you. And, if you refuse to take my advice then you might as well learn this lesson so that you can later appreciate good friendships.)

Thirdly, please put a greater effort in to your school work. Yeah, math might be hard but, it’s even harder to bring up your GPA and/or learn how to discipline yourself academically if you don't put the time in. You can do it! Please don’t get lazy! I know it’s easier to watch TV and avoid your obligations, but you’re screwing future-you in the long term.

Yours truly (Pun intended only for my younger self not to who it may concern),

- Nineteen Year Old You

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Comment by mariel on March 31, 2015 at 11:47am

This is awesome! I wish i had been this wise at age 19. 




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