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Today, Tuesday July 10th, 2012....we went on two field trips to two different stores with the Latinitas Fashion Forward summer camp.


First we went to a Texas Store called Strut, where we scavenger hunted and talked to the manager about the store. She was really very friendly and even let us try on the EXTREMELY pretty shoes they had there in the store. Strut is a rather small store with two floors the equivalent to half a floor on a normal house. We had lots of fun there and it's definetely a store i'd go back to!


The second store we went to was right across from Strut, it was called Marigold. Marigold is run by an indian women who's an India native but has also lived in New York (for 25 years) and Austin (now for 5 years). She was also very nice, as she let us continue/repeat our scavenger hunt in her store and she even let some girls try on the turbans she had in her store. A unique and interesting thing about her store was that each year she goes to India and buys all of the clothes, accessories, and various products that she sells in her store. She opened the store a month after she moved to Austin, and since then she only sells products that she buys and that were made in India.


While we were in Marigold, a man also showed us acupuncture, as his buisness office was in an attached room to Marigold. He asked us what we knew about acupuncture, and then he gave us a small demonstration on his client that arrived while he was talking to us. He also told us about the energies that are both gained and released during acupuncture.


My favorite store was Strut because I found the clothes to be more of my style. I also really liked the clothes in Strut because I found them very unique, as you usually find in local Austin stores (with the exception of this store also being in San Marcos and now Dallas).


An item I found that I would buy was in Strut, it was a pair ofhite and gray summer/spring sandals that I absolutely loved! Although the clothes in Strut I can agree are a little old for me, when I'm older i'll sure go back!




Thanks for reading my post!!!




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Comment by Cynthia Amaya on July 12, 2012 at 10:59am

That sounds like a lot of fun! What kind of items were you looking for during the scavenger hunt?

It's so cool that the owner of Marigold goes to India to bring clothes so that they will be authentic. 




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