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Pancake Saturday Fundraiser Reflections and Realizations

     So as an intern with Latinitas, I signed up to do some extra activities with the organization. I decided to help out with the Quince Project we're doing, which is throwing a quinceañera for deserving girls. This July 27th (yesterday) we had a fundraiser in collaboration with an Applebee's in our city. We were selling meal tickets before the big day for $5 so people could come in the morning and get a yummy breakfast (and help our our great organization) 

     For the big meal event itself, we were basically running things, meaning Latinitas volunteers were hosting, waitressing, and preparing food and coffee in the back. I worked in the kitchen with two other younger girls and I must say, I enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would! 
     One thing I really liked was working with food. The girls and I would prepare plates and to-go boxes with pancakes, a sausage patty, and small containers with syrup and butter. On top of that, I was in charge brewing coffee and helping the servers pour it. It got hectic when we got a lot of orders and had to be running around the kitchen while other people were going in and out, but we managed. Having worked in two restaurants before, I have previous experience with food and was glad to help out in the back. There's something about working with food and beverages that has always been fun for me. 

     In addition to working with food, the girls and I talked quite a bit. I talked to the girls (who are high schoolers) about what college is like. I told them about how it's not as hard as some high schoolers may be intimidated into thinking it is, how you have to manage your time and not procrastinate, and how the "clique-iness" of high school goes away. They seemed very interested in what I had to share. Being a college senior, I've seen and done plenty in a university setting. I was happy to talk to them about college because I remember what it was like to be in their high-schooler shoes:  being told over and over by exaggerating teachers college is way harder than high school and that incoming college freshmen will have a horribly difficult time adjusting. I didn't want those girls thinking what I know now are lies. I wanted to be a friend and give them real advice from someone who wasn't out to make them feel scared to graduate from high school. 

One girl told me she was going to be a junior, to which I replied that it's the best grade level to start looking into what colleges she wanted to apply to, what scholarhsips she could look into, etc. To my surprise, she told me she already had a college plan, how exciting! It made me happy to hear that she was ambitious enough to have her plans set and to know what she wants.

     The morning that we worked was a very gratifying experience. I was happy to work in a kitchen environment helping fund-raise for a worthy cause while giving some honest advice to some high schoolers. After yesterday, I feel like I would want to give more high school/college tips to young people like myself and high schoolers like the girls I had the privilege of working with yesterday. I'm an open book and I love to give advice. Again, I am a college senior with a lot of experience. I have open ears and would love to answer any questions/talk about anything and everything school related. Teachers don't always give the best advice and it's not always easy talking to our parents, but know that you have a friend in me. If you want to talk/ask me a question please comment down below or write on my wall! 

I hope to hear from some of you! :) 

With open ears, 


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Comment by Coral Rey on August 1, 2013 at 2:47pm

YES! That was the story of my junior and senior year of high school. Everyone would talk about how they wanted to get into the top 10% and obsess over getting perfect grades, fearing that their lives would be over and they wouldn't be able to get into a good school if they didn't have a 4.0 or better! :s Scary how those lies can make kids act. 




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