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10th year anniversary of my Quinceañera - April 13, 2002

As I was sitting down in class, I looked around my classmates. Some were actually reading their assignment; others were drawing, while the rest were just chit chatting. I was doing neither since all I thought about was how in a few months, I was going to become officially a woman. To be honest, more than being socially accepted as a woman, I cared more about the astonishing ritual.
The ritual of the Quinceañera is believed to have started by the Aztec Empire. Of course, no one knows for a fact that it did, so it only makes the ritual even more mythical and appealing. It is believed that in the Aztec culture and tradition, boys who turned 15 years old, were expected to become warriors and fulfill their father's expectations. On the contrary, girls were presented to the community as young ladies, instead of girls. Fifteen-year-old Aztec girls were considered women and were given the instruction and responsibilities of womanhood making this a hugely significant rite of passage.
Now, as the years have passed by, a Quinceañera is a tradition that most girls look forward to with happiness and pride. I still remember not being able to concentrate in school because I was going over the beautiful dresses that I’ve seen the day before. Or I was busy thinking who my main Chamberlain was going to be, or going over the steps for the choreography so my waltz would look perfect. Even after 10 years have passed by, I still remember and looked back on my Quinceañera with a huge smile. I loved going to church and thank God for allowing me the life and health to be there. Next, we went to the hall and had an exquisite dinner, followed by my presentation and the so practiced waltz with all my damas y chamberlanes.  Afterwards, all my friends, and family members had a blast dancing the night off.  
As a mom of an almost five year old, I look forward to the day she turns fifteen and I can only hope that she will want a Quinceañera. It is a beautiful tradition, and a once in a lifetime experience. To me, you can always get a car, or take a trip, but you can NEVER go back in time and have a Quinceañera. I invite all the girls to give themselves the opportunity to experience this rite of passage that our ancestors performed. Just keep in mind, that as a woman, you have the responsibility of being a role model for the younger ones. Therefore, respect yourself and others, always strive to achieve in everything that you attempt and reach all the goals that you set, hey you still have many more years ahead of you since you are only fifteen!!!

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Comment by Jacqueline Anne Martinez on April 17, 2012 at 3:18pm
Que Bonita muchachita! ;-)
Comment by Alicia on April 17, 2012 at 2:51pm

Que bonita:)

Comment by Rossie on April 17, 2012 at 1:29pm
Thanks Sonia, you also looked beautiful at your quince. You should uplolad a picture too :)
Comment by Sonia Rangel on April 17, 2012 at 1:26pm

awww you look gorgeous Rossie!!! Love it! :D Quince's are such a memorable experience, I'm so glad I choose to have mine as well!




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