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So it's been eight days since I graduated from college. It feels like an eternity. This is because I have no job at the moment. In the last four days that I sleep so much, perhaps my body is recovering from the lack of sleep I have endured in the months previous to graduation. Oh! But let me tell you that the sleeping is going to extremes. I think I may be sleeping too much!

Can that really be?

I do note that my exercise routine is on hiatus at the moment. The one thing that made me feel like a mighty machine is put away for the moment. I need a job!!!

I need to get out of this slump I find myself in!

I recall that I read a young gals tips on staying healthy on the Latinitas website.Drink loads of water, exercise, mentally exercise your brain and relax. Hmm. Exellent tips if I do say so myself.

I've been reading a lot. Trying to incorporate more water as a beverage. Drinking coffee no longer is repleneshing, plus my skin is forever changing. Sometimes I want to blame the Houston weather, but really its the types of drinks and food I put into my body that really affect my mental and physical abilities. So I will try to drink more water and start to run again!

I must not forget to socialize too! Every chica knows she needs friends to keep her stable!

I need to make some real friends like I did in Chambersburg. I will write more as this week progresses.



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Comment by Wendy Gonzalez on May 28, 2013 at 12:42pm

OMG!! Well something similar is happening to me I am still in college but I am not taking any summer classes and as soon as I got home I felt so bored I was used to exercising every moment when I had nothing to do which may have been kinda bad and here at home my family takes very good care of me...I was looking for a job and I as really anxious of how I was going to pay for my car when I get really stressed out I just go runinng kinda of like I just want to run away from everything. I ran like 8 miles two days back to back then the next day I felt so tired. I am waking up like at 11 daily. The first few days when I did this I felt so ashamed because this is not me....Im still waking up at 11 when I dont have to go to work because I found a job as a server at olive garden...any ways there is such thing as getting too much sleep like you will wake up feeling more tired is in my case because when you sleep your body converts fat into sugar for energy ...and if you do not have enough storage(fat) then your body ends up taking the sugar from other wears itself out!....anyways I am still trying to adapt to living at home because the college life is just so fasinating. jaa what I would recomend is making plans daily setting goals like saying tomorrow morning I will read x many chapters of a book or I am going to clean this or that ...something like that because my problem is that I just dont wake up because nothing motivates me to get up I have no HW no class and Ive been cleaning my house daily so that dosent grab my attention...




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