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Dear Mayra,

You are a strong and pretty person. Believe in yourself and be yourself. You are beautiful from your face, even though you have braces and glasses. However, your teeth are going to be the envy of everybody else. Your eyes are brown and really pretty. Your hair is also pretty because of the color brown and because it is long. I love how you sing in the church on Sunday. I also love how you are so creative and have a good imagination. You eyelashes are really big and pretty. Mayra, you are really special and you should love yourself. I love how you are and how you look from the inside. You are also so special and so creative on your clothes. I also like how you have a lot of friends in school and in other places. I like how you do your nails sometimes with light colors. I also like how you combine the jewelry with your clothes. There are a lot of many more things I want to say from you. I want to tell you that you shine like a star and never powers off. Be yourself and be kind and always be a good person. Oh! And I also forgot, I love how you are a cheerleader and a girl scout. Remember everything I said about you and never let anybody tell you bad things.

With Sooo Much Much Love,


Dear Bianca,

I think I am a good friend to all of my friends. Sometimes I think that I have pretty hair. I like how I do my hair. I think that I have pretty eyes. I think I have a great smile how it is. I’m very pretty. I think I have a very funny laugh. I have pretty nails. I like that I love reading. I like my shape. I like how I look in my glasses. I like having pretty clothes. I like how I do my hair all of the time because I’m very pretty. I like how I look in earrings. I like that I help a lot of people because I help my grandma with her work. I like my name. I’m very pretty. I like being me. I like to wear jewelry. I love myself.

Dear Sophia,

I think you’re very smart. I love how your hair is very curly. You are great in sports, especially volleyball. I think you're beautiful even without makeup. I love the color of your eyes and your lime green glasses. Your style and attitude are awesome! Your smile shines like the sun! You also have very pretty handwriting. Even if people call you “fat” of “ugly” you’ll always be your own self and unique. Your name means joy and happiness. Think positive and smile. Also, think about this, you are the only you so be yourself and be original.


Yourself, Sophia

Dear Daneilla,

People may say that you last name La Bier really means beer, but we both know that it means warrior. At school people may say your're short as an ant, but that just means you can crawl into small spaces. Anna Madline, Jonny Zaid, may say you’re dumb in everything, but you know you’re smart. You know when you stick up for people and you know that’s great. You may think your ears are elf ears, but I know and you know that their curve. You and your mom think that your eyebrows are fluffy and big and ugly but since you've got them waxed they look beautiful. When you get braces your teeth will be straight. People may say Daniella's dumb, but we know it means God is my judge. Remember you’re a chief, MVP volleyball player, great friend, and Latinitas expert.

Love Always,


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