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A Recipe Every Young Lady Must Try!

President Obama recently signed an executive order to create a White House Council on Women and Girls. This will be very helpful to all women, not to guarantee our success but to make sure that all things are possible for all women in America . With a female president in the near future and stereotypes slowly fading away, it’s a perfect time to strive for success as young ladies in America . Hilda Solis is the perfect example, she was the first Latina elected to the California State Senate. Now she has just been tapped as the White House administration’s Labor Secretary making her the highest ranking Latina in office ever! As you can see it is clearly our time to shine!
Successful women from the past all have some traits in common leading to an idea of what a successful woman would be like in our generation.
So take some notes…and let this be your next recipe!

Your Ingredients:
½ cup of Positivity
½ cup of Truth
A can of 100% Respect
1 whole cup of Confidence
A tablespoon of Drive and Strength
A slice of an Open Mind
A teaspoon of Sugar and Spice

Mix ½ a cup of positivity and ½ a cup of truth
It is important to be true to your self as well as others. Staying positive will guide you through tough times and help bring happiness into your life. Because if the grass is always greener on the other side, then you need to take better of your grass. Be grateful for what is given to you and take the truth as it is.

Add a whole can of 100% respect
No one will respect your till you respect yourself. So start today! Life can be unbearable without respect. We can even learn the price of disrespect the hard way if we violate the law. Therefore it is important to make it a big part of our life in order to be successful. As the old saying goes “Do onto others as you would wish them to due onto you.”

Slowly stir in a cup of confidence
Believe in yourself and your abilities and you can go far. Perception of yourself has an impact on how others perceive you. It is important to remain confident in everything you do. Even though we can’t be the best at everything, know within yourself that you tried the best you could. Self-confidence also includes admitting to mistakes and learning from them. Self confident women believe in the wonders of living life to the full.

Dice up your slice of an open mind and spread it around
Be willing to learn and try new things. Sometimes we only regret the things we don’t do. Most importantly don’t be quick to judge. Everyone has their own reason for their actions, likes or dislikes or even their way of life, it is up to you to allow them to share it. Listening to others ideas may not be easy but it could be a valuable way to learn something new or change your perspective on life.

Add your tablespoon of drive and strength
Follow your dreams and goals till the end. There will be struggles along the way and drive and strength will get you through. Remember nobody said it would be easy!

Last a pinch of sugar and spice
Sugar to remain kind, a simple smile goes a long way and manners are always a must. Spice to stand up for your rights and what you believe in!

Blend it all together and serve! Recipes have no rules; they can be changed to ones like. Different people can follow the exact same exact recipe and yet results will still come out unique in their own way, just as we are as individuals. Each goal or dream can be accomplished one way or another. So go out there and break a stereotype or be the first Latina to try something new!
Is there something you would add or remove from your recipe?

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