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During our era when Angelina Jolie and Madonna make it seem so easy in adopting a child from Africa and certain parts of Asia, someone in America may feel that they should do the same.  From an ethics standpoint, a load of cash cannot determine a families formation if given to adoption personnel. On the one hand one must remember that it is here in the United States where the highest number of children in foster care, runaways and poverty stricken kids goes unheard of. There are some who come into foster care, get thrown around the system as most of their needs go unmet. Things such as enough food adequate shelter and enough clothing have been limited. Many children live in inadequate homes until the system realizes they are 18 and boot them out. Most children unwilling to grow up fall into the crimes without realizing that there was a proper possibility to turn things around when the chance was present.

The alternative for adopting a child for the purpose of creating life for themselves and the child to be in the U.S. is statically low. Fretting about this issue will only leave someone feeling like there is no chance to create a positive change. Contrary to these accounts, marginally thinking of adopting is the keen step to continue in the right step of helping the children of tomorrow, today.

The tricky part of an adoption scenario, is how well celebrities and most wealthy individuals make adopting seem like the one task a person must do before they die. They search far and wide trying to decipher the exact location one is to fall destiny for that significant child, for whom will literally call out to them, when reality lets us know that it is here the U.S. is the perfect location to begin with. It is here in the United States in which there are far too many children waiting to find that loving home to come to.

In the states there are many babies, children and adolescents needing adoption. The US has already too many of these children waiting for their turn to be a part of someone’s life. These individuals “grow out of the system.” Specifically once they turn 18, foster care ships throws them out to fend for themselves. It is no wonder 20% of foster care children fall into a criminal life. 8 out of 10 children from residential rooms experience such losses.

So why is it that the slight craziness to adopt from other countries overtook America by storm and left all adoptees in America forgotten? This lets families in the United States come to believe that the welfare of children are under no control of what a child deserves or has control over.

 According to the intercountry adoption website, the number of adoptions have declined throughout the years; in 2009 the number of adoption is the slightly peaked at 12,753, compared to 15,719 that took place in 1999. More alarming tough is that back in 1986, a total of 104,000 adoptions took place. This data suggests the numbers will increase for overpopulation within foster care and many more forgotten children absence of placement in a loving adequate home life. If we cannot fix this problem in our very own county what gives us the right to reach out to foreign lands, when it’s in our very own backyard that children suffer?

Yes, Angelina Jolie makes adopting from foreign lands like a safe recreation, but for all the money she may spend on adoption outside the US, $11,325-$23,275 to be exact, that very money can adopt a child here and offer more help to foster care, foster care personnel and ample counseling for the children and parents alike. In this way a comfortable living arrangement guarantees the health of both parent and child. When I was younger, I was on the border of adoption by a verbally, and physically abusive foster care mother, until family intervened. Personnel safely returned me back into the home I was initially a part of. During my 2-3 years in foster care I was under terrible care. I was forced to eat hot food in a specific amount of time that foster mother gave me. I would go without water for about a week, depending on how “good” I was. I was also constantly full of head lice, which was no surprise to anyone on staff as 8 or even 12 kids, boys and girls alike, were sharing one room at one time. It’s no wonder when one of us got sick another grew sicker!

The money to bring, say a child from China is costly, but I see it for the sake of United States children in need here, now. Lack of funding, care and loving hospitality are failing. I was near death, when I finally was returned back home. We can turn this around though if we open our doors to these children. It will let the world know of America’s potential of turning our kids into better citizens and healthy individuals. To put it plainly, maybe America needs the images of hurt and abused children who are struggling now so that we can step back and think twice about adopting outside the US.  By slowly focusing on the pain created from the children in need we realize that travel isn’t necessary for seeing and feeling pain. Our problems began here and it will continue this way if we don’t take care of the problems now. The foster care system is only one example of adoption options in which the numbers of children continue to grow. This signifies that if we are not able to control what is going now with children of this era, then how is it of us, going to save children from other countries by adopting. That is to say that we would leave the trouble of binding children from around the globe among the mistakes we are creating now.

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Comment by Alicia on December 11, 2014 at 1:24pm

Thank you for sharing your story:) I was adopted and touched by your piece. I've volunteered with kids in foster care and a group called CASA before. There are definitely lots of kids who need our help here.




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