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  This blog has some advice that was given to some of the girls that participated on the summer camps. There are some issues which we all have gone through at some certain point of our life or we are currently going through the same situation right now. Hope some of these advice help other latinitas that are going through  the same situation. 


   " I have a friend that smokes and when ever I hangout with her she always wants me to smoke also. I really don't want ot smoke but I don't know how to tell her that. What should I do?"

Chica: :  My advice is if you don't want to smoke then just tell your friend that you respect that she wants to smoke but that, that is just not for you.

Chica: " tell them no and don't do it. They may be your friends but if they are your real friends they will understand " 

Latinita: My friends are always pressuring me to have my first kiss but I don't want to yet but I also don't want to lose my friends, what should I do?

Chica: If you don't want to have your first kiss then you don't have too. If your friends are really your friends they should understand how your feeling and shouldn't be pressuring you to get your first kiss if you don't want to yet.

Latinata: "I am being pressured to go into family meeting for rule changing"

Chica: My advice is to just tell your parents that you don't want to go. Tell them how you feel about going  to those meetings 

Latinate: " One day i forgot to do my homework and i asked my friend what i should do and she said to copy off someone or lie that i left it at home. I really didn't want to lie or copy but i really didn't want to get into trouble. I ended up copying. Do you think i did the right thing?

Chica: Well i think that maybe you should off told the teacher the truth about the homework maybe she would have let you make it up or turn it in the next day with just a few points reductions 

Latinate: "One time my ex-bestfriend was peer pressuring me to stop talking to people and be a bad kid, so i did and i got probation because of it.  Should i tell my ex best-friend anything

Chica: Tell him how you felt and the tit is not nice 

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